Interpretation of all zodiac signs by our tarotists and seers of our group.
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Weekly Horoscope
Your updated weekly horoscope. All the features of each horoscope :Its element, ruling planet, gemstones, associated colors and its compatible signs.

Weekly Horoscope aquarius Intimate life will be invaded by the routine and this one will leav...
January 21 - February 19
Weekly Horoscope sagittarius You will enjoy very pleasing moments your partner, the privacy will...
November 23 - December 21
Weekly Horoscope aries A better approach with your beloved one will offer to moments of gr...
March 21 - April 20
Weekly Horoscope taurus You will be the best period to begin the coexistence with loved per...
April 20 - May 20

Weekly Horoscope leo A very important turn in your affective life will take place during...
July 24 - August 23
Weekly Horoscope cancer The loving game will unfold a multicoloured rainbow! It accompanies...
June 22 - July 23
Weekly Horoscope libra The entire native that is initiating a relation or those that have ...
September 24 - October 23
Weekly Horoscope virgo One will become to feel safe with his decision in love and will be ...
August 24 - September 23

Weekly Horoscope pisces In the end of this month, all those that want, will have the opport...
February 20 - March 20
Weekly Horoscope gemini The heterosexual couples will surpass the boredom that came for a l...
May 21 - June 21
Weekly Horoscope scorpio You can fortify the loving and affective bonds and to surpass any c...
October 24 - November 22
Weekly Horoscope capricorn Do not allow the intervention of third parties in his privacy. Its ...
December 22 - January 20

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