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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

From May 16 to 22, 2022
Virgo Weekly Horoscope
aug 23 - sept 22

Virgo Love:

With Cancer sexual justification, Leo it translates into Romance, Virgo new experiences, Libra conquers wild, with Scorpio jealousy and passion, Sagittarius thinking before acting. Take care of yourself if this month does not want to order a baby… With the relationship time of tenderness if know to orient the conversations well. A solo trip is give to yourself some, without children nor friends. Try to plan a weekly exit of two, to walk, to dance or to realize a sport, does not interest the activity in as much is shared. For singles care, situations of discussions, angers and weeping… must clarify better to your sentimental situation when forging new relations.


The emotional health this In game, and this can bring about habitual physical upheavals and appellants, since one always ill one of the same one that are your weak point… Raking with greater calm you will be able to find in origin or your emotional malaise in situations from the past not clarified. These native ones will be able to spend bad moments if they do not take care of the reclamations or your body and they take care or your health. Do not watch for another side because the problems will not disappear single and nothing gains concentrating in other matters… take care of yourself in body and soul to arrive at happiness and the complete vital energy.

Virgo WORK:

Do not decay in the search or your personal growth, make to yourself meditate and friend or your shade. The combined planetary influences will bring a longed for optimism in addition necessary to confront the entire problems to you wait for labor level. As of this week opens the way of the businesses, mostly to the investments in the long term. If bring it to end needs a change air, the doors are opens to success. It reclaims the way that its natural talent marks to you, assumes the heavy responsibility of success or your true destiny, that dreams on a daily basis will obtain, it if takes brings back to consciousness with his cosmic connection and of your true vocation.
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