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Spells and rituals by our team of psychics and tarot readers.
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Spells are magical acts aimed to produce effects on reality by supernatural processes that follow a set of rules. Originally, the spells are to symbolize the effect to be achieved with the aid of a deity.

There are people who are not experienced in the art of casting spells, so it is important to warn that, spells that are on this website are for educational purposes only and for white magic practice, as it does not go against the laws the universe if practiced correctly. However, if you want to practice some of the spells mentioned here, it is highly advisable to do a divination with tarot cards or use the method you prefer to see the results and performance of the spell before proceeding. This way you can be sure that it will not harm anyone with the spell you intend to cast out.

Remember that TrueTarot offers a phone number you can call to where professional tarotists can help you with any situation. No matter how white a spell will seem and even if seems that it will harm none, it still is possible that innocent people may get hurt, if mistakes are made in the process of casting and will therefore have to be responsible for the energy of karma.