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Spells for employment


• Three common candles
• 1 dark green candle
• 1 purple candle
• a 7x7cm white paper describing the job you want

Perform the ritual before going to work in the morning. Proceed to the anointing of candles (see anointing) and write your name on them with a pin, light and place in front of the candles on the table, the paper with the writing and folded in three, in the form of a triangle. Say the following prayer seven times, snuff out the candles and repeat the ritual every other day.

Lord, I am in accordance with what I have and I thank you for it. But I want to be better and grow occupationally, in a place more in line with my expectations. So, I pray thee Lord, Saint Cayetano and Saint Joseph worker, to help me in this quest Amen.

• 1 green knot candle
• 1 common purple candle
• Violet knot candle (available in Santeria stores)
• an element that identifies you with your career or work

The ritual is better to be done preferably in the morning. You will proceed to anoint the candles as usual (see anointing) and write your name with a pin, on every one of them. Light them on and proceeds to recite a prayer to St. Cayetano:
God of all comfort, merciful Father that sees in secret and that knows my needs; the one who feeds the birds of the sky and clothes the fields with lilies. You who said to man you shall earn your bread by the sweat of your brow give me the intercession of Saint Cayetano, so I know what to do with these hands to earn my daily bread. I will thank you infinitely Amen.

Repeat the prayer 10 times. Then put out the candles and return to perform the ritual every other day.

• 3 green knot candles
• 2 white candles
• 2 yellow candles
• 1 white 7x 7 cm. Paper, with what you wish to improve

Perform the ritual in the morning before going to work. Proceed to anoint candles as usual, with a pin, write your name, light them, place the paper where you wrote the desired improvements in front of the candles (on the table) the paper should be folded in three forming a triangle and repeat the following sentence seven times:
With the strength that makes me believe in you Lord, with faith and the willingness to put performance on tasks, I ask that I may direct my course towards a better horizon.

Then, snuff the candles out and repeat the ritual twice a week.
This ritual should be performed by the interested person before carrying out an individual commercial enterprise.

• Place in a quiet place in your house a round table, clean it with white vinegar and a yellow cloth and place a white cloth over it.
• On the table, that will be from this moment on, a sort of altar, proceed to the anointing of eight yellow or gold candles and eight blue candles.
•On the first night of first quarter crescent, put on the altar, near one edge, seven candlesticks or candle holders (if you do not have that many, you can use jar lids or saucers) and place on them seven golden or yellow candles forming a straight line. In front of this line and in the middle place a handful of grains of wheat. Light the candles from left to right and let them burn out.
• Set in your mind the desire for commercial success, and then fill the environment with lavender insence.
• On the second night, place in front of the grains of wheat, seven blue candles with their respective holders or candlesticks and place in front of them, a handful of rice. Light the candles from right to left and let those burn out. Set in your mind, the desire for commercial success, and fill the environment with myrrh incense.
• In the third and last night, place in front of the rice grains, a blue candle, one golden or yellow candle and between these two candles, a jasmine incense. Light the candles and incense, and while burn, focus mentally on the idea of the commercial success that you want to achieve.

The employment spells

The employment spells are magical work that aims to help you in your professional life and to fulfill your wishes, provided they do not cause damage or hurt people.

To be in a quiet and effective work environment, it is sometimes required to perform certain magical formulas. This type of magic must be performed after making a careful examination of conscience and under no circumstances should it be used with ambition purposes, because if the ritual is performed feeling greed, it can produce the opposite effect.

In the employment section you can find spells used to improve your work activities, to change jobs, to get a job, to succeed in business, among others.

Do not forget that it is very important to firmly believe in magic in order to acquire the desired results. The effects are usually seen after three days, so it also requires some patience.


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