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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Sunday, January 17, 2021
Daily horoscope Gemini
may 22 - june 21

Horoscope Gemini today:

Taurus be patient, practical and concrete and can get to be very good partner if the egos are not crossed like horns to ruin it everything. It talks set up yourself and in agreement. Your subconscious mind knows, is stimulated and it appears before You in the form of intuitionsthat can choose to follow or no. The affirmations are propose that we become same and to the Universe that dwells in our interior. An affirmation to put in practice today: I am One divides group, of the Universal of and of the happy creation, of soulthat look for the private road, the chosen and harmonious footpath. Ask to yourself: Which is my true list of desires and priorities?
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Daily HoroscopeSunday, January 17, 2021

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