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II. The High Priestess

It is a very promising time moneywise; it is only a matter of being patient also about finances. In the beginning of the year, you should take a bit of care of not spending a lot of money, to wait the time when it will be time to start carry out your goals during which you will need to make some investments. The forces of the moon will be on your side during this waiting time period. You may end old judgments that will report unexpected income and if you have lent money, it will be time to collect. There will be opportunities of some alternative jobs which will provide some income that will provide for support. Income will increase gradually because of your effort and that will relieve some tension. Do not spend in excess but do take a family trip, move to a different place or make improvement changes to where you live now. You will become economically stable, talk about what has been achieved, and avoid unnecessary expenditures and the tendency to waste money just to show off.

X. The Wheel of Fortune

The advancement in the labor field will give you a good step forward, also in economics. You only need to wait for things that fit learning to assume in a positive way, the financial ups and downs that can, at times, destabilize your economic status. Your economy will soon be significantly enhanced. Material goods are at your fingertips, it just a matter of cautiously managing and investing in useful things to improve your lifestyle. The progress that you have been putting off for a long time will start being a thing of the past. The best economies will let you feel better about yourselves and with that you will keep attracting good luck. You will also have the opportunity to help a family member or a friend that will be going through economically difficult times, do not abandon them because any money that you lend will be repaid. Sharing your good luck with loved ones will be an important step to feeling fulfilled.

VII. The Chariot

All economic difficulties will be overcome by all these employment changes that are occurring in your life. The societies and the diverse investments will noticeable increase your income. You should avoid any uncontrollable spending as to not alter the home economy. Invest in taking a family vacation, a home improvement project or moving to a different house. Someone around you will ask for a load and you should evaluate his or her economic status because there may be difficulty at the time of acquiring the money back. Plan well the daily expenses because there may be some loss of money with unnecessary things. Enjoy your income but do not waste money because it is that way that you may face economic difficulty later on. There may be a bad move done by someone around you who will offer to invest in a business matter that is unclear, do not waste your money in an effort to tackle new things. Maintain a focus on your goal that you have established and you will be able to take care and increase your income.


Daily HoroscopeWednesday, December 2, 2020

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