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XII. The Hanged Man

Economic constraints will begin to be overcome gradually, although at first you will feel a disregard for the material, the income by the increase in wages or independent ventures, will make them you change in economic level. You must have time to plan your economy and start investing money, either to renew the home real estate or to purchase a new home. Take advantage of your financial well-being, leave aside any selfishness and begin to share and enjoy with your loved ones. It will also be time to help people that at some point have reached out to help you, and that now need financial assistance. If you have any debts, they may be repaid thanks to extra money that you will obtain from some resolved legal issue or from a small unexpected inheritance. If you have no doubts, take advantage of the money to make a trip or to do something you have always wanted to do and that had not been able to do for lack of money or by fear of investing.

XXII. The Fool

During the first few months of the year you will feel as if you are in a stagnant economic position and you should not give in to anxiety; what you should do is take care not to spend a lot of money and try to save all that you can because you will need it for investments. You may be tempted to gamble but you should be firm with yourself and reject any proposition; gambling will not help your financial status. You should use your energy on investments that will give profits and that will give you enough space to develop in other activities. During the middle of the year you will see financial increase; which will let you take trips with the family. Do not exceed in spending money because of your success because you may lose it easily if you do not manage your finances accordingly. Enjoy your profits but with moderation. The advancement of employees in relation with dependency will be a product of effort and responsibility that will allow a good economic reward.

V. The High Priest

The good moments are coming to pass; this will let you close any deals or financial business that will provoke a good increase in your income. It is important that you do not waste money that you may acquire unexpectedly, take advantage to make small investments that will bring you extra money. You will know, in a social reunion, someone who will offer expertise to make good use of money and get some revenue, which will help you save money to use in achieving future goals. Some economic progress can cause jealousy and distrust in some people around you, try to preserve modesty to calm down and avoid any hard feelings. Save the money obtained without making unnecessary use of it but it will be time to keep some aside in case there happens to be unexpected needs for spending, this way your economy will keep stable. There will be an Increase in your purchasing power, but it will also be time to save, to spend on unexpected extras from poorly managed family business. You should not worry because the economy will be guaranteed if you know how to manage and invest your money correctly.


Daily HoroscopeMonday, January 18, 2021

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