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XII. The Hanged Man

Economic constraints will begin to be overcome gradually, although at first you will feel a disregard for the material, the income by the increase in wages or independent ventures, will make them you change in economic level. You must have time to plan your economy and start investing money, either to renew the home real estate or to purchase a new home. Take advantage of your financial well-being, leave aside any selfishness and begin to share and enjoy with your loved ones. It will also be time to help people that at some point have reached out to help you, and that now need financial assistance. If you have any debts, they may be repaid thanks to extra money that you will obtain from some resolved legal issue or from a small unexpected inheritance. If you have no doubts, take advantage of the money to make a trip or to do something you have always wanted to do and that had not been able to do for lack of money or by fear of investing.

VIII. Justice

During the beginning of the year, your income will be going through certain highs and lows that will alter your mood, but you should calm down gradually, as it will be stabilized, thanks to increases in salary, the acquiring of some extra income for backed up debts or favorable resolution of a pending lawsuit. It will be necessary that you start to save or at least take care of the money you have been getting in order to start family investments for the future which will give you good revenue. Anxiety may have you making unnecessary expenses so avoid going shopping when you are not in the mood because you may invest that are not needed that you may regret buying later on, even more so if you encounter necessary expenses. With good organization of your finances you can get out of old debts and you can treat yourselves to a trip or remodeling your home. Economic success is on your side and it is just necessary to take care of income and to maintain economic stability to keep improving and increasing it through new investments.

XXI. The World

It will be a year of great financial gain, which will allow you to make new and constant investments. You will have the opportunity to make trips and enjoy economic progress that will allow you to acquire new goods, move to a different home or to purchase a new one. In general, the investments will offer great rewards and you will also acquire from abroad. You should be careful because your economic power can attract people that are interested only for your money and for that it will be necessary that you evaluate who may be your true friends and start getting away from those that may be harmful. Remember that success is in your favor but a bad move can make you lose part of what you have acquired. It is necessary to pay attention to your intuition to stay away from those who will try to make a dangerous proposition of investment; it may not alter your finances much but it may bring you plenty of headaches.


Daily HoroscopeMonday, February 6, 2023

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