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XVIII. The Moon

During the beginning of the year, the economy will not be very good because of the work recession. Take care of the savings accounts that you worked to keep and do not risk in making any investment since you may be tempted by someone close to you that may make a bad move that could lead you to bankruptcy. Remember that you run the risk of meeting very interested people, or they may appear hidden enemies, so maintain some distrust. It will be necessary to ask for advice of people that are trustworthy before making a decision. To increase your income, it will be convenient for you to look for an alternative activity that will gradually let you stabilize your family’s economy. The profit from labor will allow paying off acquired debts and plan certain things that you want to do that have been put off due to procrastinating. Making a trip that had been put off for so long will give you strength to go on. Organizing reunions with close friends will allow you to share good times and to develop your optimism.

XII. The Hanged Man

Economic constraints will begin to be overcome gradually, although at first you will feel a disregard for the material, the income by the increase in wages or independent ventures, will make them you change in economic level. You must have time to plan your economy and start investing money, either to renew the home real estate or to purchase a new home. Take advantage of your financial well-being, leave aside any selfishness and begin to share and enjoy with your loved ones. It will also be time to help people that at some point have reached out to help you, and that now need financial assistance. If you have any debts, they may be repaid thanks to extra money that you will obtain from some resolved legal issue or from a small unexpected inheritance. If you have no doubts, take advantage of the money to make a trip or to do something you have always wanted to do and that had not been able to do for lack of money or by fear of investing.

XX. Judgement

The economy will be affected at times; some debts acquired in the past will make you stumble. It is only necessary for you to maintain a good sense at the time of giving priority, reduce some extra expenses until you begin to get a steady income; that will be the best way to pay off those debts. Gradually things will begin to turn in your favor, you will receive higher wages at your work, thanks to your effort, and your economy will increase noticeably. This arcane will offer you the opportunity of making a great change and also in the economic that will allow you to change your lifestyle leaving behind times of deprivation. It is necessary for you to learn how to manage your money well, so there is no waste of it on gambling or on needless things. It is important to give balance in a way in which you will still enjoy the things that you have had to postpone while at the same time knowing when and how to make investments. You should remember that to get to the financial well-being you have, you had to go through a difficult and long process.


Daily HoroscopeFriday, October 23, 2020

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