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III. The Empress

If any doubts that you have had during the past year, are not letting you have peace of mind. Now that your finances have been the same for awhile, you should remain calm until this phase if over because your income will increase this coming year and it will be in an unexpected way. All of the positive changes at the labor level will bring economic abundance. The increase of your purchasing power will allow you to make trips but it will be necessary for you not to neglect family members and other people that you love. You should be careful with the appearance of some people in your life that may have cruel intentions and may want to be close to you only for their economic progress. Do not make blind investments. Some controversy amongst business partners or co-workers may unbalance your economic status but with your intelligent and understanding, you will overcome the inconvenient situations. The empress will bring riches in your exterior as well as the interior. The best way to enjoy these benefits is to share them with loved ones.

XVIII. The Moon

During the beginning of the year, the economy will not be very good because of the work recession. Take care of the savings accounts that you worked to keep and do not risk in making any investment since you may be tempted by someone close to you that may make a bad move that could lead you to bankruptcy. Remember that you run the risk of meeting very interested people, or they may appear hidden enemies, so maintain some distrust. It will be necessary to ask for advice of people that are trustworthy before making a decision. To increase your income, it will be convenient for you to look for an alternative activity that will gradually let you stabilize your family’s economy. The profit from labor will allow paying off acquired debts and plan certain things that you want to do that have been put off due to procrastinating. Making a trip that had been put off for so long will give you strength to go on. Organizing reunions with close friends will allow you to share good times and to develop your optimism.

XV. The Devil

The economy will be a bit stagnant at the beginning of the year, but you may solve the lack of money with some extra job until the situation improves. Gradually the economic outlook will begin to improve and income will increase. It will be necessary to start saving to be able to invest later on into something important. During your trip a plan will resurface and you will have the opportunity to know new and very positive people that will give you propositions of investments or loans and that will allow you to take a chance that will help to improve your economy. You will start to enjoy a good income but you must avoid excessive spending and uncontrollable managing of your money. Avoid giving loads without the right evaluation because you risk losing out. You will be tempted to gambling or partying that will not leave anything positive but only unnecessary waste of money. Invest some money that you obtain on material goods or on remodeling your home.


Daily HoroscopeMonday, November 29, 2021

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