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III. The Empress

If any doubts that you have had during the past year, are not letting you have peace of mind. Now that your finances have been the same for awhile, you should remain calm until this phase if over because your income will increase this coming year and it will be in an unexpected way. All of the positive changes at the labor level will bring economic abundance. The increase of your purchasing power will allow you to make trips but it will be necessary for you not to neglect family members and other people that you love. You should be careful with the appearance of some people in your life that may have cruel intentions and may want to be close to you only for their economic progress. Do not make blind investments. Some controversy amongst business partners or co-workers may unbalance your economic status but with your intelligent and understanding, you will overcome the inconvenient situations. The empress will bring riches in your exterior as well as the interior. The best way to enjoy these benefits is to share them with loved ones.

VIII. Justice

During the beginning of the year, your income will be going through certain highs and lows that will alter your mood, but you should calm down gradually, as it will be stabilized, thanks to increases in salary, the acquiring of some extra income for backed up debts or favorable resolution of a pending lawsuit. It will be necessary that you start to save or at least take care of the money you have been getting in order to start family investments for the future which will give you good revenue. Anxiety may have you making unnecessary expenses so avoid going shopping when you are not in the mood because you may invest that are not needed that you may regret buying later on, even more so if you encounter necessary expenses. With good organization of your finances you can get out of old debts and you can treat yourselves to a trip or remodeling your home. Economic success is on your side and it is just necessary to take care of income and to maintain economic stability to keep improving and increasing it through new investments.

XVI. The Tower

Economic hardship will gradually become part of the past. You can start planning on changing everything that is old around the house and maybe also get some remodeling done. You should not rush into anything but start making changes depending on the amount of money you start to obtain and at the same time setting aside a certain amount of money for something you may need unexpectedly. It may not be necessary for you to get into debt and start conforming with the income you do have and learn to manage it because that is the only way you will get ahead. You should evaluate any type of investment no matter what type because there may be some people with cruel intentions. It is necessary to plan, after making all the investments of your house, a good strategy of your income to do what is needed around your home and avoid any type of usage of money on unnecessary things. It will be important to take care of not wasting money because it will be lost if the financial well-being is neglected. You may have family outings and short trips that you have been wanting to make with your family.


Daily HoroscopeMonday, June 24, 2024

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