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XXI. The World

It will be a year of great financial gain, which will allow you to make new and constant investments. You will have the opportunity to make trips and enjoy economic progress that will allow you to acquire new goods, move to a different home or to purchase a new one. In general, the investments will offer great rewards and you will also acquire from abroad. You should be careful because your economic power can attract people that are interested only for your money and for that it will be necessary that you evaluate who may be your true friends and start getting away from those that may be harmful. Remember that success is in your favor but a bad move can make you lose part of what you have acquired. It is necessary to pay attention to your intuition to stay away from those who will try to make a dangerous proposition of investment; it may not alter your finances much but it may bring you plenty of headaches.

IIII. The Emperor

All the positive transformations will also be happening at the economic level. You will just need to know to wait and be patient and to cope with economic problems until labor begins to be profitable. By getting over the stage of stagnation, it will be time to decide how to invest money to keep it from being spent on unnecessary things. Do not be tempted by dubious business or gambling. Enjoy your money by taking advantage and taking that trip that you have been putting off or by making a home improvement project. Some family problems require the economic support, do not misunderstand each other since you are in the position to help each other and that will make you feeling better. Be cautious at the time to make some economic transactions, you may find yourself affected. It is only necessary that you maintain discretion to benefit from the economic success that this arcane will offer.

XI. Strength

For a time, your economic aspect will be a bit paralyzed, it will not be a very good time to invest and even less an appropriate time to lend or borrow money. You should learn to manage for awhile, with what you have until employment opportunities start to give way. You would have to leave aside any sudden ideas about doing any gambling because it is not a good way to increase finances. Your earnings will start to increase according to amount of work or independent projects. You must act with great caution, because you will be prone to some financial betrayals. Your intuitive security will let you make the right decisions and you will acquire a good amount of money. You will move into a stage in which the economy will begin to climb, you only need to plan very well what you are going to invest in because you may be prone to waste some of your income in reunions with friends or in the purchasing of unnecessary things. You may take advantage of using the money to recycle or move to a different house, travel with family or on a social undertaking.


Daily HoroscopeThursday, October 28, 2021

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