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XXII. The Fool

During the first few months of the year you will feel as if you are in a stagnant economic position and you should not give in to anxiety; what you should do is take care not to spend a lot of money and try to save all that you can because you will need it for investments. You may be tempted to gamble but you should be firm with yourself and reject any proposition; gambling will not help your financial status. You should use your energy on investments that will give profits and that will give you enough space to develop in other activities. During the middle of the year you will see financial increase; which will let you take trips with the family. Do not exceed in spending money because of your success because you may lose it easily if you do not manage your finances accordingly. Enjoy your profits but with moderation. The advancement of employees in relation with dependency will be a product of effort and responsibility that will allow a good economic reward.

III. The Empress

If any doubts that you have had during the past year, are not letting you have peace of mind. Now that your finances have been the same for awhile, you should remain calm until this phase if over because your income will increase this coming year and it will be in an unexpected way. All of the positive changes at the labor level will bring economic abundance. The increase of your purchasing power will allow you to make trips but it will be necessary for you not to neglect family members and other people that you love. You should be careful with the appearance of some people in your life that may have cruel intentions and may want to be close to you only for their economic progress. Do not make blind investments. Some controversy amongst business partners or co-workers may unbalance your economic status but with your intelligent and understanding, you will overcome the inconvenient situations. The empress will bring riches in your exterior as well as the interior. The best way to enjoy these benefits is to share them with loved ones.

XIIII. Temperance

Progress at the labor level will bring you many economic benefits. It is important to take care of income and not to waste money because at any given moment you will have to use it on something important. You should avoid any type of temptations and take absolutely no risks because you have been obtaining with much effort. You should not risk your losing your money on gambling even though you may feel confident about winning. Some people may come into your life that may propose some unclear investment, so evaluate the situation before making any decision. Some of those people may risk losing everything and fall more into debt. Family businesses are a good choice for benefits and making large profits. It is not the right time to lend money because there may be many inconveniences in recovering it. Lend help in a different way that is not by lending money. You should plan your domestic economy very well with ideas in strategies of administration that will be very helpful later on. That way you avoid compulsive spending that you will later regret.


Daily HoroscopeTuesday, May 26, 2020

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