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XVIII. The Moon

During the beginning of the year, the economy will not be very good because of the work recession. Take care of the savings accounts that you worked to keep and do not risk in making any investment since you may be tempted by someone close to you that may make a bad move that could lead you to bankruptcy. Remember that you run the risk of meeting very interested people, or they may appear hidden enemies, so maintain some distrust. It will be necessary to ask for advice of people that are trustworthy before making a decision. To increase your income, it will be convenient for you to look for an alternative activity that will gradually let you stabilize your family’s economy. The profit from labor will allow paying off acquired debts and plan certain things that you want to do that have been put off due to procrastinating. Making a trip that had been put off for so long will give you strength to go on. Organizing reunions with close friends will allow you to share good times and to develop your optimism.

XVII. The Star

Work promotions will allow for an improvement in your finances. It is important that you become encouraged to use more money on recreation and leisure activities. You should remember that having fun is a good investment for the benefit of physical and mental health. Your savings will not be in any type of risk if you keep track of the money you use and what you save. There will no risks if you keep managing your money as you have been. You will have the opportunity to recover money that you had lent some time before and if it is necessary insist that the person who owes pay up without aggression and in a calm manner. The good investments that have been made will be very beneficial for the family’s economy. The gain of some extra money from resolved legal issues that have been handled with much caution will allow for some extra expenditures or to pay for some credit obtained for home remodeling projects. It is necessary to leave aside the stubborn position and listen to the options that others offer at the time to acquire a type of good. Any false move could destroy the economic well-being you have achieved so far.

VI. The Lovers

The good economic revenues from investments or increase in assets, will allow you to restore economic stability that both of you have been expecting. Manage your money in a calm manner and save money, because at some point you will have the opportunity to invest in new enterprises. The growth of your money will allow you to make changes or renovations to your home, as well as to take the trip with the family, that has been long postponed. You will feel materially satisfied, but do not abuse this situation and control your spending. It is very important to properly administer the resources in order to obtain the most profits. Do not let yourselves be tempted by ideal investments that will only cause you to lose money. Evaluate the real usefulness of every investment or asset and remember that the money obtain has been because of your effort; it is important for you not to waste it. Enjoy this year of economic success that will surpass your expectations.


Daily HoroscopeTuesday, October 4, 2022

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