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XXI. The World

It will be a year of great financial gain, which will allow you to make new and constant investments. You will have the opportunity to make trips and enjoy economic progress that will allow you to acquire new goods, move to a different home or to purchase a new one. In general, the investments will offer great rewards and you will also acquire from abroad. You should be careful because your economic power can attract people that are interested only for your money and for that it will be necessary that you evaluate who may be your true friends and start getting away from those that may be harmful. Remember that success is in your favor but a bad move can make you lose part of what you have acquired. It is necessary to pay attention to your intuition to stay away from those who will try to make a dangerous proposition of investment; it may not alter your finances much but it may bring you plenty of headaches.

XX. Judgement

The economy will be affected at times; some debts acquired in the past will make you stumble. It is only necessary for you to maintain a good sense at the time of giving priority, reduce some extra expenses until you begin to get a steady income; that will be the best way to pay off those debts. Gradually things will begin to turn in your favor, you will receive higher wages at your work, thanks to your effort, and your economy will increase noticeably. This arcane will offer you the opportunity of making a great change and also in the economic that will allow you to change your lifestyle leaving behind times of deprivation. It is necessary for you to learn how to manage your money well, so there is no waste of it on gambling or on needless things. It is important to give balance in a way in which you will still enjoy the things that you have had to postpone while at the same time knowing when and how to make investments. You should remember that to get to the financial well-being you have, you had to go through a difficult and long process.

XIIII. Temperance

Progress at the labor level will bring you many economic benefits. It is important to take care of income and not to waste money because at any given moment you will have to use it on something important. You should avoid any type of temptations and take absolutely no risks because you have been obtaining with much effort. You should not risk your losing your money on gambling even though you may feel confident about winning. Some people may come into your life that may propose some unclear investment, so evaluate the situation before making any decision. Some of those people may risk losing everything and fall more into debt. Family businesses are a good choice for benefits and making large profits. It is not the right time to lend money because there may be many inconveniences in recovering it. Lend help in a different way that is not by lending money. You should plan your domestic economy very well with ideas in strategies of administration that will be very helpful later on. That way you avoid compulsive spending that you will later regret.


Daily HoroscopeSunday, September 26, 2021

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