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The Chinese horoscope

is based on lunar cycles, whereas the Western system is based on the sun. And as the Western zodiac is divided into 12 signs that take 12 months to be complete, the Chinese Zodiac is based on 12 Chinese animals that take 12 years to be complete.

Each lunar year, within the 12-year astrological cycle, has an animal associated with it. The influences of the animal determine the year's events and personalities of people born at that time.

To name a Chinese horoscope year, legend has it that: Buddha before leaving for nirvana called all the animals to a meeting to say goodbye to them; a meeting to which only 12 animals attended. Buddha was thankful for their presence and allowed each of them to rule a year taking turns. This is why the Chinese horoscope is made up of 12 years, where each year an animal was assigned and depending on what animal rules the year in which we are born we can obtain a vision of our own personality, our talents and our abilities; also our likes and dislikes, our relationships and lifestyle.


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