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Meaning of the Dragon Chinese horoscope by our team of seers and tarotists.
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Chinese Horoscope "Dragon"
Chinese Horoscope Dragon
Your sign is the Dragon

Dragon Personality: The dragon is a mythological and legendary creature. It is an exotic animal and is a symbol of good fortune and an emblem of power.

Characteristics: Originality, self-confidence, resourcefulness, adaptability, courage, enthusiasm, arrogance, tactless.

In the work place Dragons tend to be excellent: computer analysts, inventors, engineers, architects and lawyers.

Likes: Favorite color: blue-green; Gemstones: opal and amber; Suitable gifts: tarot card deck, mirror, camera, family crest and cell phone; Hobbies: jumping, computer programming, public speaking.

Dislikes: To be told what to do and unecessary bureaucracy.

Best friends: Rats and Monkeys.

Enemies: Dogs.

Famous Dragon people: Pele, Sarah Bernhardt, Faye Dunnaway, Paul Getty.

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