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XI. Strength

Problems are approaching towards your relationship. You will be able to calm the storm, only if you act using the force of your love. Do not think that even if you win a discussion, that you will lose in love. Drive yourself directly towards the heart, regardless of what anyone else thinks. In case you do not find yourself with a partner, you will be at a point in time in which you will be very strong and you should make a difficult decision. Do not worry and pay attention to your feelings.

The arcana of the day

The arcana of the day is an easy way to learn a bit more about ourselves and it consists of selecting a random card from the Major Arcana each day. The card will be chosen to represent the energy that will accompany us throughout the rest of the day.

For example, if while selecting a card, the one we choose happens to be the lovers card, the tarot tells us that during the day we will have to make a choice between various alternatives.
The letter of the day is a tool used for personal knowledge, allowing us to relate the experiences that happen in everyday life with the energy of the cards.

At the end of the day we will be able to analyze situations that we were faced with and relate them to the energy that represents the card that was selected, so we can increase our personal and spiritual knowledge.


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