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Chinese Horoscope Horse

Your sign is Horse
Chinese horoscope Horse

Horse personality:

Lively, vivacious and irrepressible enthusiasm; people born under the sign of the horse have no trouble being the soul of the party, they are fun and have a sparkling wit and lively conversation, so without notice they get on their feet and head to the nearest meadow to create fantasies.


Joy, refinement, friendship, selfishness, volatile, impatient, fickleness, vanity and recklessness.

In the labor market they tend to be excellent:

Language teachers, translators, athletes, computer technologists, librarians.


Favorite color: orange; Gemstones: amethyst and turquoise; Suitable gifts: compass, kite, silk shirt; Hobbies: athletics, equestrian, modern dance, theater and wind instruments.


Being ignored and losing their Independence.

Best friends:

Tiger and Dog.



Horse famous people:

Mike Tyson, Leonard Bernstein, Rita Hayworth, Billie Graham and Boris Yeltsin.


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