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Meaning of the Horse Chinese horoscope by our team of seers and tarotists.
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Chinese Horoscope "Horse"
Chinese Horoscope Horse
Your sign is the Horse

Horse personality: Lively, vivacious and irrepressible enthusiasm; people born under the sign of the horse have no trouble being the soul of the party, they are fun and have a sparkling wit and lively conversation, so without notice they get on their feet and head to the nearest meadow to create fantasies.

Characteristics: Joy, refinement, friendship, selfishness, volatile, impatient, fickleness, vanity and recklessness.

In the labor market they tend to be excellent: Language teachers, translators, athletes, computer technologists, librarians.

Likes: Favorite color: orange; Gemstones: amethyst and turquoise; Suitable gifts: compass, kite, silk shirt; Hobbies: athletics, equestrian, modern dance, theater and wind instruments.

Dislikes: Being ignored and losing their Independence.

Best friends: Tiger and Dog.

Enemies: Rats.

Horse famous people: Mike Tyson, Leonard Bernstein, Rita Hayworth, Billie Graham and Boris Yeltsin.

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