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Meaning of the Rooster Chinese horoscope by our team of seers and tarotists.
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Chinese Horoscope "Rooster"
Chinese Horoscope Rooster
Your sign is the Rooster

Rooster personality: The rooster is a colorful character and eccentric. The Rooster is an individual and a fighter who remains strong; safe and strong character. People born under the sign of the rooster are proud of them-selves and are also outgoing, honest and simple people too.

Characteristics: Resistance, courage, patriotism, diligence, sincerity, restlessness, aggression and authoritarianism.

In the workplace Roosters are often excellent: Actors, designers, dancers, armed forces, secretaries, dentists and councilmen.

Likes: Favorite color: peach; Gemstones: diamond and ruby; Sutable gifts: brocade jacket, bonsai tree, silver flask; Hobbies: golf, fishing, singing, gardening, growing flowers and hiking.

Dislikes: Poor hygiene, poor performance, lacking education, being tested and receive orders.

Best friends: Ox and Snakes.

Enemies: Rabbit.

Famous Rooster people: Dolly Parton, Mary Quant, Eric Clapton, Nick Faldo.

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