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Chinese Horoscope Pig

Your sign is Pig
Chinese horoscope Pig

Pig personality:

The pig is born with a natural disposition, cheerful and patient. The pig or boar is an outgoing character and is able to enlighten and encourage someone they know. People born under the sign of the pig are tolerant people, reliable, tenacious, and honest; they expect the people who are around them to be honest with them also.


Sincerity, complacency, lack of pretension, materialist, stubbornness, gullibility and laziness.

In the workplace pigs are often excellent:

Students, teachers, researchers and artists.


Favorite color: dark blue; Gemstones: coral and beryl; Suitable gifts: cosmetics, foot massager, theater tickets, battleship game, caviar, crystal pitcher; Hobbies: shopping, amateur theater, golf, crossword puzzles and going out for dinner.


Ilegal conduct and an empty refrigerator.

Best friends:

Rabbits and Sheep.



Famous Pig people:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred Astaire, Maria Callas, Tennessee Williams.


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