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Meaning of the Sheep Chinese horoscope by our team of seers and tarotists.
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Chinese Horoscope "Sheep"
Chinese Horoscope Sheep
Your sign is the Sheep

Sheep personality: People born under the sign of the sheep live their life in creative silence; they are usually idealists and only a bit practical. The majority of these people lead a peaceful life and have a comfortable cozy home.

Characteristics: Artistic, gentleness, intelligence, self-indulgence, addiction, anger, insecurity and likable.

In the workplace they are often excellent: Architects, cartographers, urban planners, florists, landscapers and actors.

Likes: Favorite color: pink and purple; Gemstones: Moonstone, Sapphire and jade; Suitable gifts: theatre tickets, body massage, glass pitcher, cameo brooch, seashells, champagne, and peppermint oil; Hobbies: swimming, tennis, reading, eating, buying clothes, sleeping.

Dislikes: Being separated from their loved ones, conflicts, indifference and agression.

Best friends: Rabbits and pigs

Enemies: Ox.

Famous sheep people: Buster Keaton, Jane, Austen, Margot Fonteyn, Leslie Caron, Laurence Olivier.

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