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Meaning of the Monkey Chinese horoscope by our team of seers and tarotists.
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Chinese Horoscope "Monkey"
Chinese Horoscope Monkey
Your sign is the Monkey

Monkey personality: People born under the sign of the monkey are agile, capable of performing almost any complex task; they have a sharp wit and a great sense of humor. Also, they are always in constant search of new experiences and challenges to disguise their feelings.

Characteristics: Ingenuity, inventiveness, versatility, persuasion, humor, cunning, impudence, superficiality.

In the labor market Monkeys tend to be excellent: Scientists, doctors, engineers, writers, editors and journalists.

Likes: Favorite color: yellow; Gemstones: quartz crystal, topaz; Suitable gifts: books, gold pen, personal organizer, a makeover; Hobbies: playing the piano or guitar, table tennis, poker, word games and dancing.

Dislikes: Loneliness and being told not to speak.

Best friends: Dragons and Rats

Enemies: Tigers.

Famous Monkey people: Bob Marley, Joan Crawford, Martina Navratilova, James Stewart, Omar Sharif.

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