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Meaning of the Rabbit Chinese horoscope by our team of seers and tarotists.
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Chinese Horoscope "Rabbit"
Chinese Horoscope Rabbit
Your sign is the Rabbit

Rabbit personality: Rabbits are usually quiet, sensitive and shy. People born under the sign of the rabbit avoid being the center of attention, they are a kind and lonely, and people who are also very sociable; always willing to have a good conversation in the company of others.

Characteristics: Wisdom, cunning, foresight, docile, cunning, possessive, irritability, obsession and snobbery.

In the workplace Rabbits are often excellent: therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, ophthalmologists, herbalists and masseurs.

Likes: Favorite color: pastel green; Gemstones: pearls, crystal and emerald; Suitable gifts: fancy food basket, tapestry kit, fine wines, historical novels, original prints and CD's; Hobbies: reading, writing, planting flowers.

Dislikes: Sudden changes and excessive physical contact.

Best friends: Sheep and Pigs.

Enemies: Roosters.

Famous Rabbit people: Orson Welles, King Henry V, Arthur Miller, Billie Holiday.

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