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Spells for love

This spell should be done in the evening of a day of a quarter crescent moon. Materials
* Rose oil or a pinch of thyme
* Three white flowers, preferably jasmine, if they are not in season, you may use be carnations or white roses
* 1 white floating candle
* 1 rose quartz
* Lavender incense
* A fountain with water

Place three drops of rose oil or a pinch of thyme in the fountain with the water, then the three white flowers, floating candle and rose quartz. Use the incense to perfume the room where the ritual is to be performed. Light the floating candle, but before doing so, mark it with the initials of the person you want to attract and then allow it to burn out completely. Repeat this ritual for three nights at the same time and of course, remember to change the water.
For this spell, you will need the good will of a friend, relative or acquaintance that is close to getting married, with their help it will NOT FAIL.


* A tuft of your hair. You must ask the person that is going to help you, to place the lock of your hair into the hem of the wedding dress and also to write your name on the sole of the left shoe that she will be wear at the wedding.
This oil will be used as perfume, when you meet the person you want.

* 1 small container of Almond essential oil
* 5 drops of musk oil
* 5 willow leaves
* 5 apple seeds
* 1 glass container
* 1 apple tree stick or a wooden spoon

In the glass container mix the almond oil and the musk, with the wooden spoon or the apple tree stick. Then, add the willow leaves and the apple seeds, previously crushed. Let the mixture stand during a full moon night. The next day strain the preparation and put it in a jar with a lid. Use it only as a perfume and only when you meet the person you love. Do not lend it to anyone for any reason and always keep it in a secret place.
* 1 white candle
* 1 drop of ginger
* 2 drops of rosemary
* 1 drop of cardamom
* paper
* Jazmine essential oil
* 1 small box
* 1 red ribbon

Write the name of the person you love, on the candle. Then make a mixture using the ginger, rosemary and cardamom oil. Then, rub the candle with the oil mixture completely. If you do not have the oils, you can use a mixture of cooking vegetable oil and your perfume. Take the paper and perfume it with jasmine essential oil, then write your wish on it. Place the candle in the center of the paper, making sure that it stands firmly. If possible put the candle on a holder that is not very big. Light the candle while thinking deeply on the person you love. Let the candle burn out a bit and then snuff it out (do not put it out by blowing the flame because that is considered confronting the fire element). Repeat the process of lighting the candle for seven days at the same time, preferably in the evening and always keeping in mind, the person you love. After those seven days, leave the unlit candle on the paper for seven more days and after that, burn the paper completely (be careful not to burn yourself). Store the ashes in a closed box tied closed with a red ribbon.
This spell is for love to be lasting and extremely efficient.

* 1 tulip bulb
You should plant the tulip bulb, either directly on the ground or in a pot. As you plant it, you should say the name of the person that you love. Give all the necessary care for the plant to grow healthy and strong. Every day get close to the plant and utter the phrase I gave my heart to my beloved (say the name) (his or hers) should be mine too. As the plant grows, love will grow strong, be durable and intense.

* 1 large orange, fresh and in good condition
* 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
* 2 tablespoons ground coriander
* 2 tablespoons ground ginger
* 1 tablespoon ground iris or thyme
* whole cloves
* 1 small container
* 1 plate
* 6 pink candles
* rose or jasmine oil

Take the fruit (orange) make sure that it does not have any bruises; it is not pale, that it is firm and ready to be ripe. Grind the herbs, put them in a small bowl, mix and charge them with power. Take the fruit and visualize your relationship with the person you love. Then place the dish to collect the liquid coming out of the orange. Now push the cloves into the orange, as close together as possible to form a heart, while the cloves pierce the orange, you must visualize your desire. Without stopping the visualization, keep adding cloves until it is a completely studded orange. When finished, put the fruit in a bowl with the spices already mixed. Roll the orange around the love mixture until completely covered. Then keep the container for one or two weeks. Every day, you should roll the orange around over the spice mixture.

Take the container after the one or two weeks are over, charge it with your power and put it on a flat container. Apply the rose or jasmine oil to the 6 candles and place them in a circle around the orange, light them and let them burn for 7 minutes while visualizing your love relationship. Tie the perfumed fruit with a pink cord and hang it where you can see it and smell it several times a day. Then, let the candles burn until they are consumed. The perfumed orange will perform its intended function.

* 2 almonds in the shell
* orange blossom water
* 1 white candle

On one of the almonds, write your name and on the other almond write the name of your partner. Put them together on a flat surface next to the bed and sprinkle a few drops of orange blossom water.

With a pin mark the candle with the date of your marriage and light it beside the almonds. Looking at the candle flame, ask for harmony in your marriage and when the candle has burned out completely, remove the shell of the almonds and eat two fruits.

* 1 pink candle
* Jasmine incense
* Rosemary

Light the jasmine incense, while you do this, imagine the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Note: this should not be a specific person but the things that you want in a person. Say the qualities that you want in true love out loud as you light your pink candle. Then say this as you sprinkle Rosemary over the flame:
These are the things I want in you, A man/woman whos loving, loyal and true I ask of the spirits of all those above To send me my one and only true love Say this as many times as needed and then extinguish the candle.
Oil is ideal for stimulating your partners feelings of passion and increase the love that exists. You should use it in massage and when you are with your partner. The ideal time to use it is before making love, as an erotic game.

* 5 tablespoons of tea, soybean oil
* 15 drops of patchouli essential oil
* 1 glass container

Mix the soybean and the patchouli oil in a glass container and let stand two hours minimum. To start the erotic game, it is recommended to light two red candles and patchouli incense. Then, give your partner a full body massage. You will notice that dishinibition will flow immediately.

* 1 photo camera
* Round table or a perfectly white paper
* Yellow paper
* 1 mauve candle
* 1 small box

With a waning moon and the in evening, take a photograph of the person you want to forget and put it in the center of a round table, if you do not have a round table, make a circle on a sheet of perfectly white piece of paper. Write your name on a yellow paper and also put it in the middle of the table. Light the mauve candle (color of the transmutation), take a few minutes of relaxation and say the following words:

I want (name of person) to stay out of my life, not to disturb my thoughts, or cause me any obsession and that I (your name) will be free again and with the intact ability to love and permanently break the chains that join me with (name of person).

Imagine a mauve light, coming out of your heart and wrapping with great kindness to the person you want to forget. Now write down three times on a piece of paper as follows:
I am happy, I have got (out of my life) out of my life and now life offers me a new love. I free myself from my past.
Let the candle burn out and save the two pieces of paper in which you have written, along with what remains of the candle. Keep the box in your room until you have forgotten the person. When you feel that you have completely forgotten the person, burn the contents of the box and throw the ashes in running water.

Love spells

Love spells are magical acts that aim to help you in your love life, to fulfill your wishes, provided they do not cause damage or hurt anyone.

It is said that each person has someone destined to be their partner throughout life, but for that to occur, it is very important to maintain a positive attitude and help with the natural forces of the universe through invocations and appropriate appropriate.

In this section you can find love spells, spells to attract love, to marry, for impossible love, to forget a love, to ignite the passion with your partner, to preserve harmony in the marriage, among others.

Each spell comes with a list of materials or ingredients that are necessary to carry it out and the steps to follow in the ritual. You should consult the section "What You Should Know" as a first step, since it provides some recommendations needed to start working with spells.

It is very important to emphasize that for a spell to actually work, you must believe in it firmly. Proving to the universe, your faith, then surely the spell you cast will succeed. You should keep in mind that the world of magic is and always will be governed by the rule of three. This means that everything that is done, regardless if it is negative or positive, it will be returned in triplicate.


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