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Spells for protection

Flint stone, is also known as lightning stone and it is very effective in keeping away disembodied spirits from the home. If you have a flint stone, put it on the front door of your house and if you are fortunate to get a knife made of the stone, put it on a magical altar or as a decoration in your home and it will be a weapon of total protection.
To clean and purify the aura

Cleaning the aura is very important, because everything that life wants to give us will reach us without any problems and in large quantities, it also helps with good relationship and the impression we give to others.

With a simple herbal bath you will cleanse and purify your aura.

* You can use any three of these plants; rue, sage, rosemary, lavender, mint, bay leaves or juniper berries
* 1 large pot

Choose three of these herbs. Take the pot, put some water in it and add the three herbs until it starts to boil. To magnetize the preparation, run your hands forming a cross over the steam from the pot (be careful not to burn yourself), while doing so, you shall keep your mind in calm state, try visualizing a green meadow. After you have boiled the preparation, allow the herb water to cool down some, until it is warm and then take a bath in the same way you always do. Then, pour the herb water on yourself, from your head letting the liquid drip down all over your body (the herb water is not for drinking). Take a moment before drying off, so that the cleaning takes effect. If possible air dry without using your towel. From that time on, you will feel an improvement in your life.

* 9 sacred plants may be: verbena, olive, rue, rosemary, oak, pine, acacia, rose, carnation, thyme, basil, jasmine and mistletoe
* 1 non-metallic container with lid
* Rain water

Deposit the herbs in the container and add rain water, leaving the herbs to soak for three days in a covered container away from light. After that time, strain the water and sprinkled it around your home or the one that you want to purify.

* Bright yellow square of fabric
* 9 rosemary leaves
* 9 sage leaves
* 9 mint leaves
* 9 grains of incense
* 9 pinches of verbena
* Red thread

Place the herbal plants on the cloth and closing it in to tie a knot with the red thread, so the materials do not spill. Then, make the sign of the cross and put it on your forehead and say, in the name of God and all his angels and archangels, turn away from me and go back to who has sent you, Amen.

Pass the bundle by the crown of the head and all the joints of the body, repeating the phrase. At the end, you should pray the Our Father once, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be. Repeat this process for nine days and on the last day, burn the bag with a bit of alcohol, praying the Gloria Be nine times. Dispose of the ashes in a running stream.

*Red candle
*Any type of protection herb
Surround the candle with the herb and light it. Sit down to watch the power of the fire and the light that will protect you from harm. When you are ready, say the following prayer:
For protection, I will now pray that the evil keep away from me, protect me at night, protect me by day and keep misfortune away from me.
In a bucket that must be thoroughly washed, place ten liters of water, seven rue twigs and a bit of olive oil. You should let it sit during a new moon night during day break (dawn). The next day, with the water, mop all the floors of your home, especially the corners, also the walls, baseboards and doors of your home.

Protection spells

Protection spells are magical acts that aim to protect you from negative energy or spirits that may affect your life.

No matter if you have enemies or not, every single person is exposed to attack from those with paranormal psychic abilities that use them for evil purposes, which is why there should be protection from potential aggressors.

In this section you can find protection spells used to cleanse the aura, to make a protective amulet, to make a potion for the protection of the home, for a counter spell and for protection against evil intentions.

The spells are listed along with the amount of required materials, and steps to follow. It is recommended to read beforehand the section, "What you need to know" so that you know a bit more about the correct way to cast a spell.

You must bear in mind that the success of a spell consists of the belief that it will really work. You should also know that the magical world is governed by the rule of three, meaning that, everything you do you will return threefold, no matter if it is something good or bad.


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