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Spells for prosperity

Take a glass of water and place a clear quartz crystal in it. Focus on everything that flows to you, for example:
Every opportunity, abundance, prosperity and happiness will flow to me easily, effortlessly and without diversion, through the divine power. Place the crystal at the base of a window frame or any window in direct sunlight for seven days. Anoint your body with evening primrose oil every day for seven consecutive days.
Make your own prosperity charm. First, you have to make a small pouch. You need a bit of green cloth, 6 x 3 in size, fold the fabric in half, giving you a 3 x 3 in size of bag. Then sew or glue two parts with silicon, you have to leave one end open to put the ingredients in the bag. You also need a green ribbon to tie the top opening.

* a pinch of moss [any type]
* A pinch of seaweed
* A pinch of basil
* A pinch of all spice [seasoning]
* 3 coins
* a small green stone or gem [or green quartz]

Put one of the ingredients in the bag at a time, while doing this, you must say the prosperity chant. Prosperity chant goes as follows: Spirits of Prosperity send abundance down to me. Spirits of Prosperity send me financial prosperity, bring me success in all endeavors, with harm to none. So shall it be!

After putting all eight ingredients into the bag and saying the Prosperity Chant each time, a total of eight times, tie the top of the bag with the green ribbon. You can carry this with you or hang it on the door knob of your entrance door to your home. These bags also make great gifts for Friends and Family members. These bags, when given to someone with Love, will bring Good Luck and Prosperity.
Place a fresh laurel branch as a decoration in the business to public view.
Anoint 3 green candles with Abramelin oil and place on your altar in a triangle configuration. Place a five dollar bill in the center of the triangle.

Burn Frankincense in the room and focus your intent on money coming to you right now, in the right and perfect way. Light the candles and let them all burn down completely.
* 1 purple oil
* 1 purple candle
* 1 piece of paper

This spell is used to reverse any negativity that is in your path.
With the purple oil placed on your fingers, wipe the purple candle. Then on a small piece of paper with black ink, write the following: All the obstacles in my path are now unlocked. Now fold the paper three times, light the candle and burn the paper invoking the power of fire and its elemental spirits by repeating the following three times fire salamanders, help me in my business, Protect me from the demonic forms, make the negative becomes benefit, then add after the third time So, mote it be.

Prosperity spells

Prosperity spells are magical acts that aim to help you lead a life full of abundance in all aspects.

In this section you will find prosperity spells to help increase sales, for your life to flow smoothly, to attract money, so that the obstacles in your life are overcome, among others.

The spells are listed along with the amount of required materials and steps to follow. It is important to take into consideration the section called, "What you need to know."

Some people have many plans, whether for business or personal, and never have come to realize that these plans are meant to obtain great monetary gains and achievements. If you are one of these people, it is time to give the plans continuity and if you want to make sure that it will all work out, maybe magic can help you.


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