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Spells for health

Place materials in a velvet cloth and fold in half.

* Tea leaves
* Lavender flowers
* ginger
* salt
* Clove and camphor

Tie it with a scarlet colored thread and keep beside your bed at night. Smell it every day after getting up. Soon, you will be healthy and stay that way.
Anoint a candle with banishing oil and light. Burn banishing incense. Focusing on the elimination of any health problem saying: As this candle burns, turns this disease melted like wax, cut with an ax, and far removed, all disabilities vanished, as my words are, so will radiant health blessed be.

Let the candle burn completely and bury the ashes of incense and the leftover wax of the candle.

* 1 Bottle with lid
* Apple cider vinegar
* addictive drink that is consumed and that you want to eliminate
* Adhesive tape
* Holy water
* cotton

Fill the bottle half way with apple cider vinegar and half with the addictive drink that is consumed and that you want to eliminate. While doing so, you must firmly say the following.

Let this addiction becomes sour and bitter in his (his, her or my) mouth.

Then, close the bottle and seal it with tape. Now go back and take the bottle with your hands and shake it while repeating the following, seven times, while the bottle remains closed, (name of the addicted person) will not fall into addition again before you finish, moisten a cotton swab with holy water and clean the bottle with it. Keep the container in a secret location, out of the addicts reach.

Repeat this ritual for three months, but not before getting rid of the container. To get rid of it, throw it into a river while concentrating on the quick recovery of the addicted person.
If your nails break easily, you must first dip them once a week, for five minutes in a bowl with vinegar. This will strengthen, and prevent cracking. But to achieve a lasting effect and visible beauty, take half of the shell of an egg, and paint it with the nail polish that you use regularly for your nails. Let dry and store in a little box. While you keep it, your nails will look strong, healthy and beautiful.

Health spells

Health spells are magical acts that aim to help you maintain your physical health and that contributes to maintaining a good quality of life.

If your medical tests say that your health will improve and yet you continue feeling discomfort, maybe it is time to get help from the energy of the universe.

Health spells are good for physical or spiritual healing for people. In the health spell section, you can find some that will help to stay healthy, to stop addictions, to maintain perfect nails, among others.

The spells are listed along with the amount of required materials, and steps to follow. Do not forget to read about all the recommendations given in the "what you need to know" before performing the ritual. It is also important to emphasize that the success of the spell lies in the faith you have in magic.


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