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Spells for heal


* Three common blue candles and a red candle in the shape of a pyramid.
* A picture of the ill person and if you want, also the image of a saint of your choice. St. Pantaleon is patron of the sick.

The ritual is to be performed in the evening, at dusk, and until the patient improves. Take the candles and write with a pin or some kind of pointed object, so that it is marked on the wax, the name of the person you are doing the ritual for. Then you anoint them as usual (see anointing in this sector). Light the candles and place them as follows: three blue candles in front of you in line next to each other, starting from left to right, and the pyramid-shaped candle in front of the candle that is in the middle.

Place the picture of the sick person where you can see it and beside it, the image of the saint you chose. You must say the prayer of the saint you chose, seven times. For example, St. Pantaleon, which is very miraculous:
Merciful Father, God of all comfort, who gave the gift to St. Pantaleon to intercede for us, give your love, give us for your love, the health that we ask of you. Give us also a large and generous heart. Let us see you in the faces of others. Good and Almighty Father, for Saint Pantaleon, we beseech Thee to grant us peace and happiness that we will wait to receive from you, with faith, Amen.

After you are finished with the prayer, snuff the candles, do not light until the next day, when you will relight them and say the same prayer seven times again.
This spell is for people with an illness or for those that have physical pain that is cronic or difficult to relieve.

* 1 orange candle
* 1 white candle
* 1 green candle
* 1 container to place the candles on
* 1 picture of the ill persons personal object
* 1 glass of water

Place the three candles in the container forming a triangle. Place the photo or object in the center of the triangle. Now, put the glass of water next to the candles and light them, while repeating the following prayer:
I light this candle to make my recovery; I want to receive healing energy soon, from the flame and release all the negativity and pain onto the water. When you finish the prayer, take the glass with both hands and put the water down a drain of the house to remove the negative energy that has been affecting you. Finally, extinguish the candles with your fingers or using a candle snuffer and keep them until you or the ill person make a full recovery.
This is a spell used to heal physically, using candles. Candles are unbeatable allies in achieving physical improvements.

* 1 white candle
* 1 green candle
* 1 yellow candle
* Pine essential oil
* 1 glass container
* Alcohol
* Bright lilac amethyst

Pine essential oil is applied to each candle, from the wick to the base of the candle. The candles are then placed on a table, forming a triangle. In the center of the triangle, is placed a small glass container with alcohol and a small bright lilac amethyst stone. At the base of container put a paper with the name of the person and the desire for improvement. Light the candles every day, minimum of five minutes and concentrating on the healing of the sick person.

* 1 green candle
* 1 pin or needle
* 1 Saint Raphael prayer
* 1 Saint Raphael image
* Wooden matches

Write on the candle from the bottom up, the following, come to aid my health, in case the ill is someone else, write aid (name of person)s health, while writing this, think of the sick person. Light the candle praying one Our Father and three Hail Mary. Light the candle next to the image of Saint Raphael. Perform this ritual every night until you or the other person feels better.
* 1 blue candle
* 1 white candle
* 1 pink candle
* incense (rosemary and pepper)
* Paper with the name of the ill person
* Quartz crystal

Place candles on the altar in a semicircle, with the incense on the side. Place the name of the person in the center, with the quartz crystal on the top part. Inhale some incense. Gather energy and when you are ready, release the energy, directing it through the quartz crystal to the person who is ill.
Scrape the name of the sick person on a blue candle and light it. Focus and say: Healing bright light, let (named after the sick person)s illness flee with fright, without hurting anyone, including me. I did this spell, So mote it be!.

The healing spells

The healing spells are magical acts that aim to help cure diseases, relieve pain or help with ailments.

Healing has a lot to do with faith, no matter if it is done with medical technology or any other method. Obviously, there is a difference between medical technology and magical healing spells. This difference is that one is based on logic and medicine, and the other is based on the energy of the universe and on supernatural powers.

All throughout the world, magical healing has worked very well for people. The methods of healing magic cannot be explained scientifically, but that does not stop them from offering great results.

In the healing section you will find spells to improve your health or for recovering from physical illness. It details the procedure to be carried out, however, it is essential for you to read the section "what you should know" so you are better prepared to cast a spell.


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