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Spells for money


* 1 / 8 cup of base oil (jojoba)
* 7 drops of patchouli
* 5 drops of cedar
* 4 drops of vetiver
* 2 drops of ginger
* 1 sterilized glass container

You should create and visualize your magical goal in your mind, this time, it is money. When you have achieved a clear picture of your goal, keep it in your mind while you pour the jojoba oil into a sterilized glass container. Then add one by one the essential oils, patchouli, cedar, vetiver and ginger.

Mix visualizing your goal, you will get a rich and evocative scent that you inhale through your nose while you focus on your clear increase of income. Now wet your fingers of your right hand, in the oil and touch all your money. With the above ritual, you will soon get to multiply your income.
This spell is ideal so that you will never lack having money all year long.

* The end of the stems of rue
* Little plastic bag
* Little Brown cloth bag

Remove from the ends of the sprigs of rue, all possible slices and wrap in a plastic bag that you should close tightly. Keep the rue in the little cloth brown bag. Take this bag with you always; keep it in your purse or wallet.
* 1 glass of water
* 1 pinch of salt
* 7 golden coins
* 1 image of Saint Cayetano
br /> In a crescent moon night, you must put the salt in the glass of water and then drop in one of the seven coins.
Let it sit overnight on a table and place the image of San Cayetano and so the image is facing inside of it. Looking into the glass trying to see the image of the saint and say the following

O glorious St. Cayetano, draw towards me the fortune and I promise to use it for the good.
When the Moon is in Taurus, light a green pine-scented green candle, if possible, anoint it with three drops of pine essential oil, a small statue of St. Joseph, they are available in stores for religious articles and can be of any material. Light pine incense and smoke with incense the statue repeating three times:

Smoke of pine and witchs fire bring home a good buyer, let the sale be quick and just. Oh, Saint Joseph, please answer my request.

You must focus your thoughts and energy on the home you want to sell and visualize it sold. You should make a small hole in the front yard of the house or if you do not have a front yard, use a pot that will be placed near the entrance. Into the hole bury the statue of St. Joseph. It must be upside down and with the head looking at the building that is for sale.

Dig up the statue once the sales transaction is fully complete because otherwise you could reverse the positive effects of the spell and save it in a green cloth bag.
Place a dollar bill under the mat. When leaving or coming into your house, wipe your feet, saying Even if I come or go, money will find me.

Spells for money

Spells for money are magical actions that aim to help you in your financial life, to increase your income, provided they do not cause damage or hurt anyone.

Some think that every person is born destined to be rich or poor, according to the karma of previous lives. However, destiny is not very tough on people, because with proper behavior, hard work and dedication, it is impossible to have economic well-being, even if someone is born into an unfortunate situation.

In the money spell section, you will find to spells to make money, to gain riches, for finding money, for the sale of property, among others.

Spells for money are based on faith, it is the conviction that you will achieve, to have it because your faith is what is working for your benefit. Do not confuse this with hope, because unlike faith, hope is the desire to have money. It is very important to have faith, so that the spells are effective.


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