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Spells for happiness


* 1 white candle
* Jasmine or pine incense
* 1 sprig of sage

This is best done at night, but it can be done at any time of day.

Light the white candle and incense stick. Close your eyes, take the sage in your hand, pull it to your nose and breathe in its soothing aroma. Holding it say:

Powers of soothing sage or pine, add the order to this life of mine, (name), for the four cardinal points and the elements, God and Goddess too, if this gift seems to be adequate, then please grant (him, her or me) tranquility, So mote it be. Repeat as necessary. Works within a day or two.
* Red ink
* Piece of paper
* Small jar
* vinegar

So you can forgive someone who has offended you. Write their name nine times in red ink on the paper. Place paper in the jar and cover with vinegar. Secure the lid of the jar. Bury the bottle far away from home.
* salt
* 1 container with spring bottled water or water charged with light of the new moon
* Lavender or jasmine incense

Cast a circle, and then invoke the elements and the gods. Sit quietly and think about what you want to clear from your aura. When ready, add three good size pinches of salt to the water and stir counterclockwise. Breathe deeply into the container and while doing so, leave your fears and doubts submerged in water. Breathe into the salt water, where they will dissolve.

Do this, until you feel the negative energy has left your body. Hold the container in the air and visualize a white or golden light flowing into the water, transforming negative vibrations and cleaning them. Take the empty container to the sink and empty the contents into running cold water. Anoint yourself a bit with either jasmine or lavender incense (or any other scent that promotes peace).

* 1 black seven day candle
* water
* 1 plate
* paper

Fill your plate lightly with a bit of water. On a sheet of paper write the things you want the most (such as love, money, job). Fold the paper and put it on the plate (yes, in the water). Now put your seven-day candle on top of the paper and light it. Every night before going to sleep, visualize your wishes being obtained. On the seventh day, put out the candle flame (without blowing) and then throw the candle away far from your home.

This spell can be personalized by using different colored candles, pink or red for love, purple for spirituality, and so on. The black candle is used to break the obstacles that prevent you from obtaining what you wish.
Take three cords or strings of various nice colors; maybe pink, red, green and a braid them tightly together. Tie a tight knot near one end of the braid thinking of your need for happiness. Then tie another knot, and another, until you have linked seven knots. Always keep the braid with you until you find happiness.

After that, keep the cord in a safe place, or give it to one of the elements. Burn and scatter the ashes into the sea or in a stream.

Spells for happiness

Spells for happiness are magical acts that aim to improve your life in every way and to become happy.

Surely, spells for happiness are the type of spells that people are more skeptical about because although it is true that there is no spell that guarantees happiness to the 100 percent. However, it is possible to implore the power of happiness.

Now, after recognizing that happiness will not give you a spell, there is the existence of many magical procedures through which they can ensure situations that will relate in an appropriate manner, may not ensure eternal happiness, but it will help finding a period of a lasting well-being.

In the section of spells for happiness, you can find spells to create calmness, for forgiveness, for purification, to fulfill desires, among others. Remember, demonstrating the faith you have in magic to the universe, the spells you cast will be effective.


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