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Spells for home


• 15 grams of jasmine flowers or other sweet-smelling flower, dried and ground
• 15 grams of crushed dried roses
• 15 grams of crushed lavender
• 1 teaspoon of powdered lily (can substitute with powdered vanilla or 3 drops of vanilla essential oil)
•5 drops of pink geranium essential oil.

In the evening of a day of Quarter Crescent Moon, mix together all the flowers in a mortar or bowl and crush the leaves until they are reduced to the maximum, sprinkle with powdered lily (or vanilla) and geranium oil.
Shake a bit and fill small bags of blue cloth. Tie the bags with white cords and hang in the closet, or behind each door of each bedroom.

• 1 censer.
• charcoal.
• Pure or granulated incense.
• myrrh.
• sandalwood.
• 1 white candle.
• Juniper or pine essential oil

The elements are readily available in religious material stores and at esoteric stores. The opportunity to perform this ritual is at any day of the week, but is more powerful if performed on a Friday, because it is the day of love, protection and positive influence.

Take the candle and draw a pentagram on it or a five-pointed star. Bear in mind that the point of the star is facing up, never down. Then, wet your fingers with the oil and spread it over the candle from the wick all the way down to the base. Light it, feel your power and the oils being transferred onto the candle, place it in the candle holder saying:
The Lord is with me on the day of his wrath, he dethroned the Kings.

Placed inside the censer, a self igniting charcoal and light it being careful not to burn yourself. Sprinkle over the charcoal about half a teaspoon of myrrh and sandalwood. Take the censer and the candle. Walk around the house spreading the protective smoke; you should do so with bare feet and starting from the bottom to the entrance of the house, saying:
Almighty and eternal God, clean my house from all evil and give me your protection. Amen.

Let the mixture of incense burn completely. Let the candle burn as long as you want. If you want to burn it out, do it with your fingers or a candle snuffer because blowing out the candles is considered an affront to the Fire element.
If you want to protect your home and your family from the negative influences of all kinds, you can do that by performing the next ritual.

You should clean your house, as you usually do. Place three pinches of fine salt only in one corner of each room of the house. In censer, light some charcoal and burn a tablespoon of sea salt (coarse) and proceeds to fumigate every room, starting with one that is farthest from the door and with bare feet, so that all negative energy is discharged. Finally, you pour over the threshold of your home and all the doors to the outside, a tablespoon of salt.
What you are looking for is to fulfill your deepest desire; you should write on a piece of white paper what you really want from the heart, in the most synthetic form possible. Fold the paper into thirds and place three bay leaves within each of the folds. Then fold three more times and wrap the paper with another dark green paper. When your wish has come true; burn the paper as a symbol of gratitude for the elemental being that helped you.
There are many ways to make a promise. Here we propose a form of solidarity that will help both your home and family as much as the ones who receive the benefit.

• Make a donation to a room in a poor neighborhood, a school, nursing home, street children or single mothers.
• Buy non-perishable food, gather medicine and clothes together and take them to a church or hospital.
• Provide part of your free time to those who are alone and need help.

Spells for the home

Spells for the home are magical acts that aim to help make your home be full of harmony and happiness.

The home can be a container of negative energies and these energies may be causing conflicts and alienation among family members. Also, the home may be exposed to bad intentions or theft and for all these problems, there are spells that can help solve them.

In the section of spells for the home, you can find some that will ensure happiness in your home, to protect and purify your home, so that your wishes come true, among others.

To ensure that you cast a successful spell, you must really believe that it will work, because that way you will be demonstrating your faith in the universe and remember that everything you do will be returned to you three-fold.


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