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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: November 18 to November 24, 2019

LEO LOVE: The storm will already have moved away and the understanding With your partner will return to normality. Reconciliation in private. On the other hand singles they will be able to attract the person that they love. To live to dream and to make reality the dreams is the pleasing way of happiness, where happiness is not at the end of the same but in your going through, that is the best and more healthful way to live and to walk. You will begin to be born new friendships in this day where the Moon will be favorable and help to make specific lasting relations. In this circle of friendships a good relation of love will be able to begin. Couples that already are established will have to resort to the dialog.

LEO HEALTH: If pressures oppress the labor you must try to harmonize your life avoiding all type of aggressive situations and states of nervousness. Another option is to choose the aid of a professional, to begin a good therapy. The entire panorama is negative, as much in love as in work, this situation will cause in a these native deep depression which they will have to deal with to leave, if might not make it single will have to resort to a good therapy. To leave back to sadnesses and losses is not easy task, but a significant work is a task finally whom there is to realize for power to fulfill of the Universal the supreme mandate: to live.
LEO WORK: Personal growth has much to do knowing yourself, take advantage of miracles of synchrodestiny and manage to live in harmony with the Universe, be alert to the natural laws of it and not to the laws of the moment social market. Today you will be able to identify yourself better with your external appearance, if you want changes on the matter you must make powerful decisions to arrive at good port, willpower will be essential. Time of few gains, assures his and do not risk to lose by the necessity to always win, is moments everything and you will have to obtain harmony in his acts and businesses.

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