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Leo Weekly Horoscope

From April 12 to 18, 2021
Leo Weekly Horoscope
july 23 - aug 22

Leo Love:

An awaited dream will take shape long. His warm and tenderness they will hit to its partner. Intense privacy. You must trust more his companion, because this one offers its total confidence every day him. Correct amalgam in the relationship, good understanding after constructive dialog. Do not try to always have the advantage nor the reason, acts with but humanity and understanding. You will have to look for harmony, since although is a moment favorable to make specific an enthusiastic love, the sexual libertinism will become a dangerous play that will defeat to romance. These native ones must remember that the ends never favor to anybody.


In the middle of month you will pass per moments of much suffering due to the great sensitivity and melancholy in which they will be immersed. It now takes precautions that are on time. It secures the way to stop laughter and nerves, this one is the best method to conserve yourself healthful. Declare with impetus and power: “Desire to be able to develop to all my potential, choosing the way that determines my true and necessary dreams, that it is the beginning of the accomplishment of my creative power”. Discover in your Interior an inexhaustible source of gratefulness and energy to follow in the search of happiness. Prevent problems of health derived from a bad feeding, if do not know what you do need to eat consults with a professional and begins to regulate his diet.


Its fundamental work of every day is to live in the sincerity of an accurate way, its way of chosen life to which it would defend yet. The great transcendental wisdom that his being accumulates he notices without it, and the magic of the existence through exceptional and very pretty experiences, will be your gift of the Universal if he has the FIAR confidence in your Instincts of internal growth, choosing right time for the change and the right way. He chooses the best way to live: the continuous growth, that to you will provide with material and spiritual well-being. “The future he is something that all we reached, it is as it is”
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