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Leo Weekly Horoscope

From April 22 to 28, 2024
Leo Weekly Horoscope
july 23 - aug 22

Leo Love:

A worthy romanticism of best novels will be appropriated this day to defeat to the routine. It of the plays and enjoy this gift destiny, does not fail to take advantage of it… On the other hand it is necessary to know his feelings and knowledge to recognize your true desires, since it is in vain to persecute dreams each other´s, its partner must have own and each to persecute your destiny, of the hand, but each his. If the message does not walk by a personal internal way that it sends to the Universe will be doubtful, if you are not sincere will obtain doubtful results. Singles they go with calm this week, already will come better times.


This vital trip With your partner will cause that discover that harmony is necessary to be well of health and in the economic thing, everything has to do yet. It is not good for living between discussions and reproaches, one does not move away of yours. If it is idle today will have the strength to change his form to be and to undertake the fight in front row, begins little by little a physical activity but it begins, come times in that you will need great physical strength and good defenses, the change that is approached will let… the v out of breath to it to lose yourself? A routine try to be made to maintain the balance in your life.


As of this week of May major opportunities will arise from businesses, although to achieve success and wealth you must work hard, Confidence and optimism is the necessary thing to confront its day… is not hopeless, Mars is its stellar soldier. In these days, you will feel a tendency to pay attention and to sharpen your focus in study matters, courses and improvements. Good moment to save money thinking about the future. with the aid of a good communication in the relationship, or with partners and fellow workers, you will manage to reach a greater abundance than trying it only. It designs his economy according to the new values that has been being for a long time analyzing in your interior. Planets are on your side.
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