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Leo Weekly Horoscope

From October 3 to 9, 2022
Leo Weekly Horoscope
july 23 - aug 22

Leo Love:

It defines his feelings and not of more returning, still they will continue the imbalances during a time more and the relations will not be totally total. If it fears or it finds journeying a moment of lack of love, it reviews its fears sincerely and watch what it has offered until today, and if it feels give to yourself some of repaid love or must offer more to feel better. The businesses and the money today can hope, abundance that is propitious is of the intangible thing. Learn to appreciate better to surround those who it. You will have desire to share your life with the person whom it loves and if it is only wants to settle down acquiring his own house.


You will find success if it adjusts justice with the mercy, and does not neglect emotional and spiritual, try to obtain it, his health this In game. Learn silence of and it applies the logic to each situation, this Is today the key to success: to move away of the hurried or too sentimental decisions to conserve the calm, the exaggerated nervousnesses can praise/pour off in problems of arterial tension, does not take everything to the tremendous one so.


Very income-producing businesses. Prosperity in door. It dominates his character. From his true chosen way you will be able opt-in true love, from the center or your true heart. With a power of seduction clearly in rise, you must forget to walk secretly. It only chooses the labor relations that can be open minded. The world of work is complicated, perhaps until end of the month, mostly is careful with hostile bosses, partners or companions. Stop loading as much other peoples weight in his unique knapsack. Give to yourself a breathing! Or you will put the future in risk or your business… Control his means and the accomplishment of a personal project will offer great emotional satisfactions him and will bring annexed gains in the familiar and economic plane.
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