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Leo Weekly Horoscope

From January 18 to 24, 2021
Leo Weekly Horoscope
july 23 - aug 22

Leo Love:

Love will be today to all machine, its attractiveness and to be able of seduction will be incredible and also happiness will obstruct that them if are living with your partner, since the relation will improve and be pure passion and imagination. Singles are beware, the overflowing passion can be dangerous… Your happiness is based on the security, emotional as much economic, and in reaching a state of peace, stability, abundance and well-being yet and the entire surround that it. It establish yourself realizes your life destined and a better future, in abundance, love and happiness. It increases its possibilities of obtaining what you do want in life, because in your hands it exists the tool and the destiny, the force and the power to obtain it, and in your words the power to decide its Present and its Future.


Benefit of the life in fullness without moving away too much than always has been and dreamed, a change in the way he is positive if this after his own dreams and in the continuity of personal growth or your inner being. The way of success knows already it journeyed, it when being born it failed to take advantage of and it, before so many social mandates following the directives of an education that does not prepare it to be happy but to fulfill imposed duties. It healing matures and it renews this phrase in your Interior: “I am the word of the Cosmos, the Nature, the Creation… that is pronounced in life of my world, with reason and capacity to conquer and to obtain to make my dreams reality”.


Great power of conviction at the time of raising your projects, is good day to cheer up to put the cards on the table and to follow the dictation of your heart. Of the same form in which you can choose success or the failure or your aspirations and dreams, the married unions will see beneficiaries according to your options of this day, like thus also the loving relations that just begin. The ideal to maintain this situation by long time will be that it conserves remote to all those praise that it or attack that it, as well as to avoid all type of distortions, that can bring about disputes. Good moment investments and to start up delayed projects. Look for new partners, is not discouraged easily, persevere.
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