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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius
November 23 - December 21

From: June 17 to June 23, 2019

SAGITTARIUS LOVE: The Moon will cause that it increases about your romanticism and its fantasy; and you will begin to dream about that ideal person. The native ones with firm couples will not be able think easily and to singles you will cost to them to assume commitments. Repartnering energies begin to appear in your life in the middle of week, must be kind, every day reveal miracles to you illuminate the way. Actswith gnosis, consider that often what only sees wants to see and not it reality. The married doubts are at your service of the day, does not conclude the day with a fight that does not lead to anything. The key for this week will be to love yourself and to accompany yourself. Try to project some delayed stroll, together. It expresses the great power of the communication.

SAGITTARIUS HEALTH: Its immaturity affects its health, try to control to its self-centered side and think in conserving yourself healthful. Do not be irresponsible, take time to meditate before acting and is not demanded to yourself more than you can give or include. You must be cultivated and enjoy more the life, the simple moments, the daily joys. It lets fly the imagination, relax yourself in his own world, leaves the problems and preoccupations when arriving at house so that the brain does not continue working, it leads your destiny by a calm way if you want to conserve the health and the energy.
SAGITTARIUS WORK: The stability in the relationship gives rise positive to you for new ventures of businesses or to re-float an idea long ago postponed. It communicates to yours projects and companies. The affirmations serve to project our brings back to consciousness cosmic. The clarity that needs will come from the hand of an accurate affirmation that manages to find today in your interior. If it renews every day some times, you can alter about your conduct and its programmed contradictions, and thus to be another man creating another reality. This one could get to be best time of the year in the subjects related to the money. Good moment for purchases of buildings, chooses with good taste, this Is the best moment.

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