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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From October 25 to 31, 2021
Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope
nov 22 - dic 21

Sagittarius Love:

You will begin to be born new friendships. In this circle of friendships a good relation of love will be able to begin. Couples that already are established will have to resort to the dialog trying to recover to the relationship. Some activity of its affability must calm its anxiety realizing. The Moon will influence in the enthusiasm of the Sagittarians, your capacity for the dialog will reduce, and thus a distressing silence will be created that will dwarf to the relationship, to solve it you will have to resort to its deeper love, includes/understands to its partner and the connection of her will be more mental than sexual. Love is a gift that grows at the most shares.

Sagittarius HEALTH:

The people majors will have to take care of the bones and the joints. Good moment to begin a new activity that improves its yield at these levels. In youngest: beware with the respiratory tract, it is good moment to stop smoking or beginning some aerobic activity to improve in all sense. The benefit of a good rest will be major that to continue ignoring the body. you need to practice some sport and to make diet sensible and disentoxicant to recover the vital energy. Today it is a good day to begin a new stage, planning a destiny different and more healthful to all level.

Sagittarius WORK:

Very positive and enlightening encounter. Encounter with people from the past who can help it today. To live and to take advantage of the moment are a work of auto-conscience, destined to strong and prepared, kind, expectant and astute the minds. Your happiness is based on taking refuge and to protect yourself behind solid structures maintain that it and they contribute the entire security to you that needs… but in your interior know that you can obtain more, than he is able, allow to yourself to show it with the facts and yourself constructs, generate, it creates a better future for and yours. If do not show to the smaller effort or interest the opportunities they will only follow of length… with dreaming does not reach. In order to leave this anguish you will have to resort to a direct dialog, sincere and it frees.
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