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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius
January 21 - February 19

From: November 18 to November 24, 2019

AQUARIUS LOVE: It lowers to earth if try that its partner is not frightened, as much fantasy at this moment is not good. All that one so it has destined it to the Universe is written in your heart, open to same You are the key of the knowledge and of success in life. The ideal to maintain a relation of long time is to avoid isolation, the gadgets and the lies, since this situation by long time will cause that maintain remote to all those praise that it or attack that it, as well as you will have to avoid all type of misunderstandings, which can bring about discussions. Generally to these native ones it costs to them much to put the feet on the Earth. They consider whenever most important are his needs and they do not give importance them to desires or your partner or your friends… reframe east side or your form to be.

AQUARIUS HEALTH: Try to rest more, go take a walk and relax. Long walks or strolls in bicycle by places with too much will benefit enormously nature. At the relationship good shared moments. You will arrive very far with your artistic or creative projects. He is propitious to live for power to break in weeping whenever it is necessary. During this day native the more young people are very occupied in the social relations, these exits and meetings will allow them to know much people, among them will find the person with whom with time you will get to establish a serious relation. In couples that are established for a long time You will begin to appear reproaches that will make be in danger the relation.
AQUARIUS WORK: Remember that the change is an opportunity, a miracle, take it like which is: an of the Universal gift. The fundamental thing in this stage will be the automatic control, since they will have to trust for power to establish a fruitful and true business relation. In the long term projects it would have to make specific details today, or formalizing societies or deciding major points. You will be a little distracted and sluggish with the labor obligations. Your time try to take yourself to spend this moment without great headaches, neither to feel forced, nor to lose in the way. Do not look for the approval of the others, obtains first hers own one.

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