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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius
January 21 - February 19

From: February 17 to February 23, 2020

AQUARIUS LOVE: You will need to modify your temper and to discard the entire conflict situations that bring imbalances in the relationship. An awaited dream will take shape long. If you want to improve and to harmonize the partner relation and family group they will have to organize different strolls outdoors or to make the decision to make specific minis- vacations. To love is to give and nothing has to do and so it receives. Love will appear again in friendly relations that were constructed during years. Beware during the last week of the month, he is kind to the difficulties. Ideal moment to realize trips. The communication will cause that singles might make specific new relations and that those that already has a stable partner.

AQUARIUS HEALTH: It consults with a homeopath. Subscribe in a gymnasium. Spend more time to take care of your own self. If not yet it has been decided by a partner today it is good moment to make a decision. Expressing its authentic one to be you will reach reliable, powerful and authentic the conclusion that he is trustworthy. It loves it to the Universe like which it is, do not try more of it but either less. You will have to calm not to undergo its consequences. The routine life will be surpassed if it begins to have a daily schedule to realize an activity or your interest, to only delight without more pretentious.
AQUARIUS WORK: The relations with fellow workers and partners will be very good, as much in the businesses as in the affective thing… they will receive extra income or by increases or commissions. In work there will be conflict of no interests, good moment to raise changes or complaints of good way. Surround who you will have to be right sometimes, and others will be able to have better ideas, being occasionally more original and to have better luck once in a while… and is that the divinity has been distributed us by equal parts and, sometimes, we have the luck or the sufficient self-confidence to see it arise or to manage to put it in practice. You will forge understood problems by bad, thus must begin to request excuse and to become lost in thought yourselves to participate in work discussions, as much in the labor place as in his home.

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