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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius
January 21 - February 19

From: April 15 to April 21, 2019

AQUARIUS LOVE: Intimate life will be invaded by the routine and this one will leave you very nervous. In house everything will march well as long as control his character, is not good moment for reclamations. Know and use Attraction Law to achieve everything for yourself. Planets and the Universe are in your favor, as long as you could believe in yourself and have bravery to realize your dreams… Jupiter encourages you, a giant protects you, look around and discover the army that is always going to support… Trust the destiny that you dreamed for yourself. And dare yourself to more in the loving plane. Takes the reins from the relation, can be in a major step.

AQUARIUS HEALTH: Try to stretch and to begin to enjoy outdoors activities. Take a walk with your beloved ones and make yourself interested in activities with your family. Miracles and coincidences appear on a daily basis in the synchrodestiny of your life… you must only be aware to signals, and especially today and more than ever, let your intuition lead you, let the path guide your heart and not your eyes… the Moon does cover With your silver veil your thoughtless looking, try to criticize less and to love more… Young people, who are alone, will be able to relate to not as recommendable people, with whom they will share moments with excesses of alcohol and drugs. Take care of and beware of your health…
AQUARIUS WORK: Dreams are good, do not stop dreaming, but try to live and to establish the Present to be able to truly progress. At this moment your life enjoy the facility to have open eyes, think that the best way to be thankful with the Universe is to make your greater Present, this gift of the stars that is the NOW. Take distance from conflicts at work; keep yourself out of danger with a low profile. In order to prevent economic disasters you will have to take the necessary collections, lower to the minimum your expenses, do not invest, and avoid interferences of third parties in your work matters. Leave manual or physical work for today, you are dedicated think, make calculations and take decisions that require of deep concentration.

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