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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

From October 3 to 9, 2022
Aquarius Weekly Horoscope
jan 22 - feb 21

Aquarius Love:

Active social and affective life. The Acuarian will have the opportunity to know some special person removes who it from the solitude. Remember that the entire world seems to change when modifies its points of view, like watching a room from another angle. You can be that you need aid to obtain it… Today you will have to examine your own restrictions and personal inhibitions, might be obstacles in the way to follow. His more onerous desires will receive response. You will enjoy a very ardent period that. If its partner is of Sagittarius you will have luck since there will be no collisions, try to be more tolerant and to watch from the eyes of the others to see yourself… in a false pedestal.

Aquarius HEALTH:

Take care of yourself or your health of the abrupt changes of temperature. Try to stay remote of temptations that will not take it to successful conclusion. Think before acting. In times of crisis the chances of success are majors but they choose only to bravest. Adventure hopes, follow it without thinking to you. It concentrates the leftover energy that is overflowed in the attention of the needs of the family without letting yourself invade by her, keep yourself to yourself place, his kind private space but this and protective one at the same time. The inner glance necessary to be clear like a person with your light and its shade, your positive and negative mental and physical creations, weaknesses and strengths, makes a being, trim and connoisseur of your aptitudes and your limits more powerful.

Aquarius WORK:

Good treatments and businesses. Do not neglect to yours after the material gains, learns to balance. Its unprejudiced way and be opened allows him to be related to very different people, take advantage of this faculty to learn of all and with the entire different points of view it collects data for your businesses. He is original in your projects and the solutions. He is realistic to be able to make specific your dreams and dreamy to choose I direct or your true. There will be opportunities today to improve his quality of life, as long as one stays in movement. Despite beware with exceeding in the limits…
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