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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Pisces
February 20 - March 20

From: November 18 to November 24, 2019

PISCES LOVE: When concentrate in your intention stays the fear to the solitude disappears, try to comment this and to meditate it next to your beloved one. If one is comment it without partner with a friend, if you need an amiable arm today is the day to find it enters his habitual affection. It listens what it dictates your heart to you. Do not let yourself to invade by the routine, try to take some newness the relationship and thus recovering passion. In the game luck and prudence. Remember that you cannot go against the forces of the Nature, but to accompany these movements being tried to direct them about your favor. The seduction of its partner will conquer your heart; having taken it to live exciting experiences will take that it to live moments on great pleasure.

PISCES HEALTH: It is good for trying to progress but watch to who leaves in that way. Learn to balance. The health will stay stable while you can control his nerves, outdoors remembers the curative power of the exits and the recreation. Obtaining and composing the accomplishment of your own search, finding your own way of life in permanent personal growth for the accomplishment of love, happiness and the money. Declare with energy and power: “Desire give to yourself some truth and consequences and desire a place where to grow in freedom of thoughts and the power to develop my particular ideas and to generate a dear and wanted future”.
PISCES WORK: Opportunities can arrive move by work, does not fail to take advantage of them. It also can be a change of company/signature, labor proposal or opportunity rare to make extra money. It has caution but you are not uncertain. It is necessary to live to cause seedtime and the harvest. Today one will move away of the interests that shared with your partner by the action of retrograde Jupiter that will be located of unfavorable form for the loving relations. These native ones will try to spend these bad moments concentrating yourselves in other matters. It is good moment to begin a new race or to be decided to make specific that project that takes it releases data waiting in a drawer.

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