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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

From May 16 to 22, 2022
Taurus Weekly Horoscope
apr 21 - may 21

Taurus Love:

One will feel attracted by rare, eccentric people, take advantage of this special moment that can change your life. For singles it is very good weather to find partner, it notice in his place of work, you can there be the great love or your life. You will be impregnated and distilling much romanticism. It owns enormous an attractiveness can take that it to the marriage, or to know which changes the course of your life. The relations of couples of many years are in favor complicated by fights of jealousy and the lack of responsibility on the part of the bullfighting ones. A spell atmosphere will surround to the native ones fall in love with, a end of month of great joy waits romantic it.

Taurus HEALTH:

In the health of men and middle-aged women: its ego aid and its bad diet, does not give in either to the good one of God, it is necessary that you pamper that you must be beware, and that is not immortal. If this week is a solitary heart can change this circumstance, it concurs to new places of more healthful meals and can have the luck to know somebody, while it fixes your digestive system, it contributes vitamins and it embellishes the week with love and health at the same time… to be made vegan hotspot would not be bad idea, mostly if can extend his circle of friendships and loves.

Taurus WORK:

The changes can generate inconvenience, try to adapt because are for good and they come from the hand of good omens and gifts of the Universal… abundance sometimes offers single after it to have persecuted by unfruitful ways during years… Delayed conversations can have excellent resolution in these days of financial resolutions and fresh starts. The planets are favorable for the obtaining of the money, great businesses mostly approach in the area of teaching and the study. Remember that the change is an opportunity, a miracle, take it like which is: an of the Universal gift. Absorbent in work. Beware.
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