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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

From January 18 to 24, 2021
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
oct 23 - nov 21

Scorpio Love:

Use your mind to send love to the others instead to criticize them. The idea of being incomplete is in the origin of all fear, does not spend its energy creating a false own image, visualize yourself like somebody complete that it loves and it is loved, and everything in your life will take a course better. Married, widowers, separated and single woman, the opportunities to know somebody are strong and for all. To enjoy love without harming nobody of the, since that would become against. Take care of yourself and take care of yourself about your love. An affirmation to put in practice today: I am a conscious traveller carefree and, a father, a lover, enamoring, a companion, an inhabitant of a world that loves to be better… an of the Universal citizen who inhabits this earth and this time, a decided traveller to achieve my objectives. Ask to yourself: Alive with open eyes to the change?

Scorpio HEALTH:

Try to move away of the melancholy, you are not good adviser and it leads to the depression. Support yourself in friends and your partner, sincere yourself and takes precautions to find happiness. You must be taken in very serious all personal relations, or in the labor family, friendship, partner and, mainly, relations. It recognizes in his true desires his true vocation and destiny. Ask to yourself today:Where encounter the remedy for my broken heart? A melancholic and sad state is a door opened to the diseases… take care of yourself and improves its possibilities of health encouraging to the optimism to enter your life.

Scorpio WORK:

As today opens the way of the businesses, mostly to the investments in the long term. If bring it to end needs a change air, the doors are opens to success. Its generating capacity of abundance must be always vital to be able to take the chances of success when these appear. If calm and its energy is concentrated, will obtain a greater vitality and concentration of character in your interior. It is the moment for finding stable aid with true guarantees of future and continuity, to begin to project in the long term, a future better. You must learn to be in the precise place at the precise moment.
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