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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

From August 10 to 16, 2020
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
oct 23 - nov 21

Scorpio Love:

Reframe your attitude in the loving plane, makes a car analysis or your conduct and feelings. Stop always throwing the fault to the other. Favorable moment for investments. It is not difficult to choose, the difficult thing is, often, to maintain in the time the positive energy and necessary strength to follow by the chosen way. To have it calls to you, you do not disregard his call. You can be time to pay to old woman debts or favors much in a while helped that it of your life. Old woman friendships resurge from the past. The way towards a lasting happiness appears after to benefit to others. I solve his conflicts in harmony with his true.

Scorpio HEALTH:

It improves general humor and thus the dialog will be more fluid. The privacy can be intense. Do not fail to take advantage of the opportunity of being happy in a very vital state. It affirms: I am what I am and is well while does not harm to anybody in the process. Take care of yourself or your digestive system. The plans that others forged for You cannot be of your affability, try to take advantage of the usable thing this, take what of the wants and dispose the rest, but without hurting to those who you had the precaution or they took work think and to build by his good. You will come to them well, one second honeymoon for the marriages of many years.

Scorpio WORK:

The Universe offers change of direction congruences chronically him, it is important to realize an inner glance to you shows who is really, and which are your true desires. That do not decay his enthusiasm and try to work with joy and passion. Good period to buy buildings, move, to change of place, everything what has to do with the own house. It a moment dedicates to you to re to plan the location of the furniture in the house. It appeals to the Feng-Shui. It replaces the fear emotions and it blames, with love, pardon and kindness. It is necessary to deal with to avoid to enter to a stage where one only feels as the loss and the frustration, this comes not necessarily from the influence of planets and the reality.
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