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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Scorpio
October 24 - November 22

From: April 15 to April 21, 2019

SCORPIO LOVE: You can fortify the loving and affective bonds and to surpass any conflict of partner to improve and to avoid the rupture of the relation. To accept the life does not mean to satisfy yourself and so it has been given us, without requesting more, is to begin to fight reason why it is wanted, to run to make reality the possible dreams, to know yourselves give to yourself some of them, to obtain the overcoming, in the entire senses that we needed to grow. The reproduction does not know the fear; the creative Mars energy includes to you… if you want to have a son is the best moment. Aquarius will be the best loving of the month, a love to size. If its partner is not of Aquarius does not suffer, it finds the way to improve the relation, he is very well aspected for this task, puts sets to work.

SCORPIO HEALTH: Try to move away of the melancholy, you are not good adviser and it leads to the depression. Support yourself in friends and your partner, sincere yourself and takes precautions to find happiness. Only renew the hope day to day, swearing to be happy today… and for following in the search of love firm, the health and the wealth for they surround which it, to know how to ask is to manage to find and to receive. You will have to request aid to a professional as rapidly as possible if it has problems of feeding or drink, its health is in game in this plane. Also it could begin or to increase the physical activity, this would be very beneficial.
SCORPIO WORK: Very possible interesting proposals of work. You deal with less still not killing yourself working and to take to the problems work to the house. If takes his personal way peacefully, the wisdom appears enlightening to give to you to advice… today Jupiter it aid in your collective relations with the society, obtaining a better day to participate in events, meetings, conferences and all multitudinal activity. Learn to participate your ideas to the others, with this aid will be able to occur to know in special a social situation that can cause huge profits to you. Today it is a good day to make decisions that involve many people, or in businesses or another type of activity.

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