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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

From February 19 to 25, 2024
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
oct 23 - nov 21

Scorpio Love:

Day color of rose, plenty of happiness and optimism. It is good for enjoying it and for relaxing if it comes from a very anxious period. If one feels take advantage of rested this moment to advance on delayed projects of any nature and invites about your affection to help it. If its partner is Virgo can feel misunderstood and left, try to talk it and to prop up his self-esteem. Hope others to ask for your aid. Do not crush about your partner with reclamations or absorbing his difficulties, to leave free will still more approach the other it, from the respect. The best lover for today: Cancer. You will feel more near respect by your partner and relatives; take advantage of this moment to improve the relations.

Scorpio HEALTH:

The key of the today is in the self-esteem, that gives confidence and increases your loving and labor capacity. And be open friendly. The seed of success is in your nature. Do not ignore the call of your heart, trusts its instincts, each person has own talents and abilities that they make it successful in the attainment of your true dreams, not in given dreams, taxes or each other´s. You will generate bad understood, thus they must begin to request sincere excuse and to move away of the pride in which one has risen. Achieve a balance between the material and spiritual.

Scorpio WORK:

Those that have business partners today will see suffered the relation for lack of agreements. Improve your power of communication and put more persistence over your ego or you will lose. Real work detached expresses yourself with the service to the others, in the security from which to the others the benefits of your love is arriving them and without thinking about the last aim nor about which it arrives to you or it is called on to you to live. That its patience is not run out, the reward always arrives when it works from indifference. The key of the week will be to maintain the calm and to control the temperament. He is flexible with his fellow workers.
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