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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Capricorn
December 22 - January 20

From: April 15 to April 21, 2019

CAPRICORN LOVE: Do not allow the intervention of third parties in his privacy. Its partner will feel wounded if do not take part. Despite the native ones that is single in this period will anger with the life not to find the person which you want, must have patience until love arrives from your life, nothing happens in the eve… Extend your imagination and it ignites passion before it is extinguished. To leave to take a walk by the field can be very promising. Do not follow lost in the way of the life, between moans and, between pains bad humor invented and too many problems, running after given and unreal goals, distressed by the lack of things that do not need to you. Watch within yourself with the aid of its planet it runs that does not lie to you, and reasons what you do want in fact. Look for happiness first of all; abundance of a complete being infects and creates abundance in the entire senses.

CAPRICORN HEALTH: Try to invite friends, to organize exits to the field, with friends or relatives. Neither comma is locked in of the more. Take care of yourself and prevent the sadness that this week will be seized to throw with one blow to you. Today rest of your life is the first day of the… begins then to focus yourself in your desires, small and simple desires, like: own a healthy body, to be able to walk on the turf with the naked feet, to enjoy a dusk, to see rain, to feel the air… all those natural pleasures, those miracles whereupon the paid homage Nature us every day, and that, from our ignorance, we do not know… will make him see where it is stopped really. Benefit of your gifts and acts consequently.
CAPRICORN WORK: In the social level you will discover that one enmity apparently unsolvable can be settled with a sincere conversation. Learn not to lock in yourself. The turbid businesses will be options from which you will have to separate, today it is a day of temptations and you will have to put your entire persistence to happen of them. Do not have to allow his shade that interferes negatively in your way towards success and the wealth… take care of yourself of its words and do not hurt to anybody by his cloudy dawn. Today it is a day to journey alunated warily. Universal listening and obeys, as a story genius. Learn to do his orders to the Universe, and it you will have to know yourself better.

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