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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From May 20 to 26, 2024
Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
dic 22 - jan 21

Capricorn Love:

Today you will have a major of great volume erotic, know to take advantage of it and to administer it! It is a day to seduce success yet and to transform yourselves into a true sexual machine… Benefit. When very it is tired, decayed and it feels that you need energy, smiles. Native the single women that does not have partner, have the opportunity during this month to begin a new relation that will have many possibilities of being successful. Also those that are in partner, but which not yet they have gapped your heart will benefit when they confess his feelings and manage to penetrate in the heart of the chosen person. Good luck also to analyze the possibility of a change in your appearance. In the end of this month, all those that want, will have the opportunity to renew love. Day of renovation also in the scope of work, can choose between taking or With your companions and becoming friend of the overall project or to continue apostatizing and to decide to change of course. To live to

Capricorn HEALTH:

Personal growth is an almost physical necessity, to accompany to the Universe in your natural movements, logical changes and processing of resources and cosmic forces. Content and protected by its partner will feel. That will offer the security him that as much needs. The conditions will not occur so that singles they initiate new and serious relations, will have to only conform to having good company. They always do not create to be the owners of the truth.

Capricorn WORK:

Do not neglect his family or you will receive many just reproaches. In the labor plane, today you will be very favorable if manage to stay in calm, in few days everything will be far better still. The patience practice. The entire panorama is negative, as much in love as in work, this situation will cause in a these native deep depression which they will have to deal with to leave, if might not make it single will have to resort to a good therapy. To leave back to sadnesses and losses is not easy task, but a significant work is a task finally whom there is to realize for power to fulfill of the Universal the supreme mandate: to live. The dangerous actions in the labor financial plane can cause headaches to you majors, is prudent without stagnating. Both ends are bad. Your pride and intolerance can make an impression on the relationship, mostly if it is of Pisces. When try to work against the Universe your luck changes and begins to receive what seeds: immobility, stagnation, failure, f
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