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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From January 18 to 24, 2021
Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
dic 22 - jan 21

Capricorn Love:

Although some worries that they will have to do to a great extent with his dominant character, arriving at understandings, finally you will be able to enjoy his companion. The result, the product of this conjugation to be able of love is incommensurable and powerful. The affirmations are offers that we become same and to the Universe that lives in our interior. An affirmation to put in practice today: I am a finder of the sky own, of the way shared in equality, of the possibility of happiness, wealth and love… and a question for today: Ask to yourself: I leave the conversations with same… to means to begin? The way of happiness not always is seeded of roses, of all ways always it is possible to enjoy day of the, to make new friends and to live love.

Capricorn HEALTH:

In your physical and mental state the good moments will be reflected that it is living. It is necessary that you want to progress, that think in growing and believing… and also is indispensable that manages to find the wisdom of knowing and successful today rich, and that owns a matchless potential: a beautiful and functional body, a world where to support its feet, a space where to breathe… to walk, to dream, to live… Good moment to reinforce its natural defenses recognizing the good that is, love yourself more and set to yourself to always change what do not like, from love and the positivism. Today you can achieve that objective that escapes to you between the fingers, only acts with confidence and seriousness, the life can be right to the aim…

Capricorn WORK:

Excellent moment to take a rest of work, you can. If it not at least leaves relax of the labor problems, that this are not your sole topic of conversation. In the bonds with the other people you can be to yourself, it observe yourself through the others, and try to improve the relations and to improve to YOU same. Money is not obsessed with the fast gain. The ambition by the money and the search of one better labor position can affect your social relations. Take care of yourself or your friends, learns to administer his time. You will have the force to request an ascent or to reach a wanted financial objective.
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