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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From October 25 to 31, 2021
Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
dic 22 - jan 21

Capricorn Love:

In the sexual plane the understanding will be very high, reaching levels of great eroticism and creativity. It finds the moment to develop to plenary session this overwhelming sexuality, also enjoys days tender and outdoors. Good luck can arrive by yourself, or you can generate it to obtain what you want. Transform yourself into the maker and creator of your situation admitting to your true inner side and letting it emerge to the surface. Consult with your pillow, dialog to yourself and ask to yourself how and when you lost the footpath and objective in life, that passion that battles on that, where it is now. An interesting manifestation to begin to repeat until internalizer is the following one: “The present is had to use and to enjoy”

Capricorn HEALTH:

You must enjoy this moment and will depend on same you who this lasts. All type of aggressive situations and states of nervousness must try to harmonize your life avoiding. Your heart dips of joy before the new way of chosen success… and undertakes with best of the dispositions its new life that begins TODAY. Under the compassionate Moon guardian it constructs his new dwelling in the forest; Venus will arrive to fill it of flowers, beauty and sensuality. A new big wave of positive energy is its reach, takes it or leaves it, always is its option, health or disease, remember that everything is pronounced, everything is constructed and everything is give to yourself some.

Capricorn WORK:

You will have favorable days, as today, in the world of work. Old debts or conversations for labor improvements can come out ahead, is your moment for doing delayed reclamations. The time to live in abundance has arrived and is give to yourself some, the Creation turns surroundings his hoping that it is an impeller or your changes and your own personal overcoming. They help it to the stars think with clarity but you must stop the march, do not run and nor it makes hasty decisions, it consults with the pillow and watch what planet tomorrow offers to its power… the major decisions him cannot hurry, today is not the best day to sign.
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