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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From April 12 to 18, 2021
Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
dic 22 - jan 21

Capricorn Love:

You will have to maintain interval and to hope to that one dissipates bad humor. Sometimes the best thing is to be only until lessens the storm… The of the Universal force circulates within a love frame. You can choose to return to the shining light love that always takes with your own self, that flame in your Interior that is guided by the right direction and that some call brings back to consciousness, another angel of the guard and others, simply, your true I. The way of happiness not always is seeded of roses, of all ways always it is possible to enjoy day of the, to make new friends and to live love.

Capricorn HEALTH:

Try to move away of bad companies and the bad habits. Nothing of alcohol, unscrupulous drugs or friendships, if it has tendency to depress yourself or trying to avoid the reality consults with a professional or goes in search of aid between yours: friends, relatives or partner. He must manage to control his character without falling in bad habits. The moment has arrived for considering important objectives after a future and definitive consolidation of its yearnings, your dreams, your desires and his give to yourself some reward in life. Look for the loving presence in the other. The self-knowledge generate a power immense, since when watch within yourself sincerely and it embraces a loving perspective, is able to as much generate changes in yourself, as in your projects of life and also in the others and your community.

Capricorn WORK:

The economic situation can be complicated by the end of month, would be good that it now takes precautions that are on time. You attract opportunities your life opening doors to the newness. Today it is the day to begin to journey the change that generate success, abundance, material and spiritual wealth and by mostly, happiness and justification with yourself. “Without the mirror of the future, the present will seem to you poor, miserable”… The planets are of your side journeying per sufficient time an agreed firmament to your flow requirements, knows to be useful whatoffer the life him Today and Now! Very positive personal development and with huge potentials, does not fail to take advantage of the temporary aid of the stars.
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