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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Libra
September 24 - October 23

From: February 17 to February 23, 2020

LIBRA LOVE: You will be barren and look for the shelter that only finds in your stable partner it has if it, a short trip will fortify the union. Later a little shadier and more conflicting will come days. It is not that the Universe will be taken revenge, nor to you will fall a curse, she is only physical, the Law of Cause and Effect, natural, logical and comprehensibly correct… If about your it impels it ego to make a question of everything to be right, has reasons to bother yourselves and to worry, since you are not able to resist the great truth of which you are not perfect, infallible, immortal or unquestionable. Modify your destiny: Anyone can make anything, insurance.

LIBRA HEALTH: Be careful with tearings, breakings and sprains. You will be more likely to suffer them this month, mostly today. Try to prevent accidents at home or in usual sports place of practice. Your merit, its love and its importance are not each other´s in the eyes but in your own ones. During these days you will be able to indicate your entire splendor and you will initiate lasting relations of all type, disinherited will take that it to feel great happiness. It spreads love to the Nature. A result without pretensions, arisen from the detached action has a so great power that it is going to be surprised when takes place. You will enrich of this form his spiritual life and its connection with the Life.
LIBRA WORK: The dangerous actions in the labor financial plane can cause headaches to you majors, is prudent without stagnating. Both ends are bad. Personal growth is a Human Beings own necessity, and as creative beings take this characteristic from your lives with joy and enthusiasm… unless society has a different mandate for you. This year will conclude with high expectations. Harmonious agreements and decisions will accompany you. As the good luck is on your side, you can take risks that at another moment would not be recommendable. Follow your heart and one gambles by your dreams. Avoid the fanaticism and the speculation.

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