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Libra Weekly Horoscope

From February 6 to 12, 2023
Libra Weekly Horoscope
sept 23 - oct 22

Libra Love:

In the partner relations passion will have disappeared and you will only remain the bond most similar to friendship, to which you will be given without no condition. In order to re-float passion use your entire imagination. In order to have the control or your destiny, it handles better his present and it realizes the necessary orders to the Universe. Sincere orders left of the heart. Relax yourself if it finishes obtaining a fixed partner, or if it has a loving proposal, one does not behave like a coward, it throw yourself to the sink and try, do not leave damaged. Joy with friends of fire signs. You can be a depressing day but it is not his fault, are the stars make who see it all black…


Take care of yourself of allergies and punctures of insects. To come up will be far better that to cure. Do not decay, if know that this one is its Present, its Future and its Way, does not move away of its footpath of light, journeys with total confidence if this safe one of your inner truth… You will have to learn to rest of the daily responsibilities, is not healthy that at moment of relax you follow with the mind in work. you need a real rest time to be able to make better decisions. These native ones will be full of positive energy. So that this favorable situation is extended, they must change of attitude to improve the coexistence and avoid the daily conflicts.

Libra WORK:

If he is long-held and one leans in his abilities will be born a fresh start for You. The coexistence will happen through a fleeting storm, do not neglect to those who wants to you they help or it in life. A visit to relatives is very propitious majors, remember that your life can be vertiginous and activates, nevertheless to forget to the majors that helped us of young people can of the be a forgetfulness that will regret much and you will cause anguish to you and it blames. It solves conflicts without discussing nor fighting. By the good ones you can until being productive a bad day, by the bad ones can get to lose much more than it imagines.
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