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Libra Weekly Horoscope

From October 3 to 9, 2022
Libra Weekly Horoscope
sept 23 - oct 22

Libra Love:

Singles they will jump of romance in romance but you can be that today they find something definitive. Not to plan to future, lets pass a little the time to do it. Good moment for labor projects. If it has affective relation with a person of Libra, whether she is even as friend, son or very near relative, the transit of Venus by this sign is going to be very favorable in the relation, reconciliation or Romance beginning of friendship or. Good coexistence in love if avoid bad understood. According to the married ones of years, they will appear old woman loves that can alter the present loving relation. You will have to clarify your feelings and to look for what you want from this relation for the future.


The health will stay stable while you can control his nerves, remembers the curative power of the song. Indifference to the final result to its locations acts to live permanently in the present, of the Universal gift. Joy with friends of earth signs that will result in great vital energy. The challenge of this cosmic moment is to control the bad humor that shows at any moment, a danger for the interpersonal relations to you will harass and can spoil its health and the energy that it transmits to the others. Take care of yourself of what eats and try to incorporate joy in the week. Do not have to forget that it comes from a range of situations unstable that must cure.

Libra WORK:

The conflicts in the world of work break out again, considers all possibilities and diplomatic ability if it is urgent to you to take part in the problem If you detest seeing yourself tied to the routine or to monotony you already are in the correct direction. Predictions of this week are point at making you understand a greater reality. Ignore your intuitions and focus in trying to understand what the stars announce to you. Encounter with friends of its same sign and the possible financial arrangements. In the office or the space of work it walks with lead foot. When it is surprised judging somebody, acknowledge it as an equal being to UD and you send its love to you and support so that manage to surpass yourself, surely can learn much of him.
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