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Horoscope Leo 2023

Horoscope Leo 2023
july 23 - aug 22


Leo will have great support from Jupiter throughout the whole year of 2023 and this will cause Leo to begin the year with great enthusiasm and feel like enjoying life to the fullest, to achieve this, they will choose paths that could be censured to the eyes of others however they will not accept advise from others or allow people to interfere in their business.

Leo will need a lot of activity throughout the year 2023 therefore they will take long trips seeking freedom and live adventure however natives of this sign will plan these trips very carefully for different reasons will have to postpone them but will achieve them during the last trimester of the year.

Family: Leo will live two stages in the year 2023. First half of the year, they will gently accept all responsibilities in reference to close relatives, could be parents or grandparents However they won’t be able to place a limit and take up a lot more responsibilities than they should. During the first 6 months of the year they won’t complain but come July they will feel overwhelmed for too many requirements and the last trimester of the year will feel like exploding provoking an intense family discussion. There is also a probability that problems could arise with the political family.

Situations could worsen due to the presence of Uranus, relations between siblings could get tense and won’t subside in the year 2023.  In the second trimester of 2023 dialogue between close family relatives will be more favorable.

Love: Men and women who are in a couple relationship will have a need for freedom for the majority part of the year 2023, an intense desire for freedom. This won’t be about terminating any relationships but having autonomy. Natives of this sign will desire to have more time to themselves and reconnect.

However they won’t be able to express this desire clearly and precise and this will cause a lot of miscommunication with their partner which will feel unappreciated. The key to resolve these love problems that could arise during 2023 is communication. Leo needs to work intensely in this area to avoid any ruptures and separations.

Economy: Leo could be a victim of scams on during the second half of the year but none of great seriousness. People of this sign will need to be careful with their credit cards and loan payments.

Work: Beginning of August there will be a lot of important changes in relation to work and the profession such changes will not affect them directly but will affect them in some way like changes in upper management or company ownership. Leo will be forced to change the rhythm and style of work they were accustomed to.
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