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Tarot reading The first thing the tarotist should know are the figures of each tarot card, in detail, in order to start a reading. There is no right or wrong way to distribute the cards; it will all depend on the intuition of the one who is doing the reading.

There are two widely used methods: Celtic Cross and Horoscope.

At the beginning of the spread, the tarot cards have no clear meaning but it will depend on the rest of the surrounding cards all together that will give a meaning. Apart from the issue in question that the person wants to know and of course, the reader''s intuition is what will give meaning to the cards. In turn, the reader will have to have the ability to weave the story that emerges in each card, giving coherence and being able to communicate what the cards trying to say.

As we mentioned above, there is not just a certain method for tarot readings, even the more experienced readers begin to create their own methods and techniques of reading the tarot cards. Some readers are guided by their extrasensory powers; guided also by what the querent asks of the reading.

Many readers use tarot card reading as a form of art and science. We say that it is a science because magic is a precise type of science. We also say that it is an art because readings require the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.

The more experience the reader has, he or she, will be linked closer to the tarot cards and the readings will be more accurate.

Without a doubt, readers of the tarot are not "chosen", but have a more developed intuition and they are capable of seeing the unconscious that surrounds us and with the help of the cards, they have access to the knowledge that is needed.

It is clear that a correct reading of the tarot takes time and practice. It is not a matter of doing a reading with just anyone, but be assured of who has experience and who knows how to properly interpret the cards.

Of course, we are not all the same, and there are people with more extrasensory capabilities than others. There may be some that may dominate tarot card reading in a short period of time, maybe they are even guided by their own natural gifts and they may also have created their own technique.

It is a good thing to know what is behind the art of card readings and that it is not, just about knowing the significance of the cards. Card reading takes time, dedication and personal ability.


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