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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: May 25 to May 31, 2015

LEO LOVE: The married unions will be favored, like also the loving relations that recently are had initiate, but care, since during this first week, this new relation can arise bad understood, the communication and directness from the beginning is fundamental. Many single women will find new couples and will have desire to train a family. You will as well be also a great moment to strengthen the bonds with the family. You will have to look for harmony, since although is a moment favorable to make specific an enthusiastic love, the sexual libertinism will become a dangerous play that will defeat to romance…

LEO HEALTH: Those that feels weak for a time will be able to improve your health from now on since might conquer the sufficient self-determination and force of will to realize a change of life or to make a decision on his health that will be fundamental for the improvement. A little gymnastics not to fall in inactivity will do to you very well. Although it is very difficult to put yourself in the place of another one, you will try it to Capricorn, and try to take or to drag with your own self to its close friends to manage an highest quality of life inviting to friends to add yourselves to its gymnasium, to become, etc. vegetarian In fact is that you need support to change and to improve its health, support and company
LEO WORK: You must be braver in work and decision making, the fear appears of the low self-esteem to you says that it is not worth so much and that do not have to want so much. Important familiar economic agreements. Possible aid from older people. It makes specific that project that gives returns in your head, projects to future, plans a new business, think in how to manage to remove to economic gain from its hobby… everything what this week initiates will leave with good energies. After months of important bumps in the financial scope, you will be an excellent moment for a new project. To program it of two also is very good…

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