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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: July 25 to July 31, 2016

LEO LOVE: Love will lead you to best destiny, since you will walk with firm and safe steps in the land of your heart. You will have to take care of your expenses, since during this period you will have tendency to make numerous cosmetic fittings to take care of your image He is destined to success in other some areas or your life, and in the creation or your dreams, the attainment of the wealth, and in the accomplishment or your life. Which does not mean that every day they will be successful, manages to find the balance in your negative vital energy to be able relax and to control today? Today year is not the best day of the, try to live it with low profile.

LEO HEALTH: A visit to the doctor can be very important. Also to begin to realize some recreational sport practice at the same time as. Some project or liking from the past, left, can resurge for your benefit. The mental and spiritual power is the best tools than you have in life so that this Is developed according to its aims, and not as a boat to the drift. You need in addition the sufficient introspection so that the self-knowledge your true I am evident and can program your passages according to your true ideals, dreams and needs. However, also what it has done badly will pass invoice to you.
LEO WORK: New partners or will participate it to friends in a productive business. Try to organize his times not to lose on the one hand while he wins by another one. The time to live has arrived and is give to yourself some to have been born, the Creation turns surroundings his hoping that it is an impeller or your changes and your own personal overcoming. Mercury it aid think with clarity but must stop the march, does not run and nor makes hasty decisions, consults with the pillow and watches what planet tomorrow offers to its power… the major decisions him cannot hurry, today is not the best day to sign.

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