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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: March 27 to April 2, 2017

LEO LOVE: The ego take care of yourself to maintain disconnected it of the loving presence of its interior, because its area of interest is centered in the external world, try to spend this day to your loving relation, it has if it or trying to approach the chosen person. The development of the soul is in your hands and your will and bravery to live in love and indifference… so that the accomplishment of your dreams and desires arrives from natural way. The sweetness and comradeship indicated by your companion of life will serve as support for all present activities. You both will be able to strengthen the affective and romantic bonds of such way, that after first half of the month, you will improve the relationship, having surpassed difficult moments. Native the single women will find real and lasting a love.

LEO HEALTH: When very it is tired, decayed and it feels that you need energy, smiles. It begins to be interested spirituality in and the internal growth, is a good moment to begin a search or your natural energy, your true interests and your vital way… It decides when to take the reins from your life and to begin to journey the true way in the accomplishment or your more important and deep dreams. you need relax, for you will be necessary that it begins to enjoy different moments from recreation and relaxation, looks for a hobby, some physical activity, a new project… In his present physical and mental state he is advisable that you take vacations or a rest.
LEO WORK: You will have to be very careful in your decisions and to hope to that the surroundings improve and are more favorable the conditions to advance on passed chats, definitive discussions or decision making. The businesses and working life can be unbalanced today easily, try to maintain a profile low, to spend this moment of insecurity. Relations from the past return to change your expectations. Evaluate the situation and its possibilities well. Everything does not need to live to leave to a legacy… each must look for your personal way in life. Try to find his or your being at heart, not in the opinions of the society or the family, and much less in the fashionable slogan!

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