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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: October 05 to October 11, 2015

LEO LOVE: Possible breaking with the relationship or distance of friends. This must to its great necessity to renew perhaps although it is not the right way. The best thing will be to speak frankly and perhaps might change together for good of both. You will have to make an effort to lower decibels of its pride. You are not YOU the owner of the truth, listens its partner. Its sexuality will be more ardent than ever… are the stars who collaborate giving days him of unusual sensuality. Takes precautions. Love is not bought and it is not generated through strategies, either serves dont mention it to live remembering past loves that will not return.

LEO HEALTH: If it happens through quite unstable moods, one does not worry: he is fleeting, often the great imagination also plays bad past and states to us of confusion. The bad moment will happen, try to trust its affection and to lean in love. To live by the others and one same one is a beautiful way to face the life, with the capacity to be shared in common and to put yourself instead of the other. You will have to begin to have more communication With your partner trying to recover conjugal serenity. Some activity of its affability must calm its anxiety realizing, or a sport.
LEO WORK: In the space of better work are the words, the good communication is necessary and good understanding will be obtained. Nothing to act behind nor by gossips. It solves the problems expensive to face. On the other hand planets augur great good luck in businesses and new societies. You will find consolation and new friendships in the office with those who to share social exits. New contacts for integrating project, your family will participate actively and the profits will not be only material. In this period the good luck with money will smile to you. The existing bows will consolidate already and new societies and adjustments of businesses will form, during this time many will find your perfect associate, who kill as much time hoped.

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