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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscopes for Leo
July 24 - August 23

From October 20 to October 26, 2014

WORK: Much luck is approached, as much in love as in the labor plane. Superb opportunities touch to your door, if maintain his character in rule can be useful and progress maintaining his standard of living. It has the value of giving yourselves to the light and of not looking for excuse in his niche of comfortable failure and immobility. Each is responsible for the way in which choose to journey the indicated way. You will have to yield part of its independence after personal and professional growth, in the long run will result in gains and prosperity to you. Take advantage of this good economic gust of wind without neglecting to friends and family. Learn to administer his times.

LOVE: You will have to maintain interval and to hope to that one dissipates bad humor. Let yourself be guided by your partner at the time of making important decisions. A different period will begin for you The way of success knows already it journeyed, it and it was lost, as a child perhaps and do not remember… so many directives, so many mandates and contradictory orders, in the house and she school, so many social addresses, so many unexpected, unforseeable ways, improvised… all a life without sense and clear targets. Today it is a good day to begin to clarify your ideas, a friend can help it in the way of the truth exceeds same You, listen with attention…

HEALTH: The self-esteem grows as much that today is Unstoppable UD… you deal with not occurring against a wall, remember that it is not the unique Leo, and that are others today, also they feel unstoppable. The smile, installed in your face gives back the calm to you, gives energy healing him and physics recovers, it and recomposes obtaining that can confront the moment with greater force and power. The physical body that you own must honor it in the immensity of this rich world as to have spiritual, a biological and natural order, must fructify it, to make of this opportunity of life a true vote of confidence and humility to the Creation.

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