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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: July 27 to August 02, 2015

LEO LOVE: It renews the commitment every day, with humility and positive energy to make the good and to receive it, with equal gratitude in both actions. It indicates the conflicts to you prevent to advance in life. Watch better what you do want and what makes to obtain it, perhaps his actions do not lead to your dreams… It assumes the responsibility or your own actions and your consequences. Its energy today will oscillate between tops and bottoms, idleness and action… in as complicated day as today you will have think very well everything. Very good period to enjoy of love and to plan agreements that will consolidate your future.

LEO HEALTH: A consultation to the doctor cannot wait, do not ignore the reclamations of your partner concerning company. Your work can be too absorbing and you might be not taking care of family relations. If a breathing can take. Take care of yourself in the meals and avoid shyness that in the long run can worsen. Mental control does not neglect the power of the, its changes of humor and of attitude they confuse to all. The determination of its goals, your true desires and your dreams is the main work of its existence. You will have to listen better your personal needs, but try to combine them and so you want, needs and reflects its surroundings, to be able to arrive at an advisable adjustment for all.
LEO WORK: New point of view can to be very advisable in day today, that your glance is not critical, that your prejudices do not interpose, open your mind and considers that nothing absolute exists. It caresses with a comprehensive glance to surrounds those who it, does not admonish subordinates about your, bets to the shift of paradigm… think that: you want whereas you can obtain it, putting persistence and energy, it has the power to change your life, begins today. Leos arrives at your life to take the control, would protile of them! The ambition by the money and the search of one better labor position can affect your social relations. Take care of yourself or your friends, learns to administer his time.

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