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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: September 26 to October 2, 2016

LEO LOVE: Love will be today to all machine, its attractiveness and to be able of seduction will be incredible and also happiness will obstruct that them if are living with your partner, since the relation will improve and be pure passion and imagination The loving relations of long time enjoy very good health, good moment to make transcendental decisions from a two. To marry, to be united, to travel and to project to future today can be very beneficial. For singles and without hardships: its intense thirst of conquest can play bad a past one to you… think what is more important. Stop looking for admirers and try to grow spiritually. Watch look yourself through the eyes of the others and. The immaturity affects its affection…

LEO HEALTH: Comma with moderation to avoid digestive complications. At the present time do not have much creative energy; you are dedicated to construct a stone health, lasting and powerful to be able to confront new challenges, a new factory, and office or labor group, to be well mature when new professional determination appears. Take care of yourself of the stress brought about by excess of work or labor problems. Take asks his doctor and, you can, days of breathing next about your dear beings. Memories from the past go to UD to take it to a reflective trip that can result in nostalgias, to return to a place from the past can be very necessary.
LEO WORK: This week will be impelled to work much, is a period signed by work, does not resign to its growth forecasts. Your effort will be compensated and so it gives to yourself some. Maintain the ears kind, one is plotting something, you can be good or bad, but it is necessary discover that it to use it in his personal gain. Consultations, requests and pressures arrive at UD You are moment for listening to the entire bells and for taking care of the reclamations of yours. It regains the control or your life in the healthy practice of the meditation, the search of happiness and the attainment or your dreams of material and spiritual abundance

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