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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: January 23 to January 29, 2017

LEO LOVE: One will feel attracted by rare, eccentric people; take advantage of this special moment that can change your life. Good moment for creative writers, sketchers and generally. The partner relations are in favor complicated by questions of jealousy and the lack of commitment on the part of the Leos. The triumph, success is not surprise lake that arrives at your life “like fallen of the sky”, this expression is more precise if we spoke of chances of success, miracles or good luck, that if comes sky to you, literally speaking, since the offer the Universe, to see if manage to catch it… Ask to yourself: Discretion is an adventure frozen by the cold? To be wanted gives joy to the days and illuminates the nights. Do not neglect love those who it.

LEO HEALTH: Take care of yourself a little more in your meals, requests professional aid if note that cannot only. Hope that your partner asks for aid to you, is not inserted. You can happen through the world with the bandaged eyes but he is better to do it of the meditating in the failures and the profits way to secure to wisdom and maturity, and listening your Inner being and acting consequently… to achieve success, abundance and happiness. Today its way is illuminated by several protective planets… acts consequently. Native ones that are single, they will have the opportunity to know somebody in a gymnasium, a dance or a park of diversions.
LEO WORK: A fresh start is at door, and aspected well if you dare to twist your way and to start a new one. Plan before acting. The Sun generates great power in You, you will dazzle to the others and many will feel envy. Try to dominate his rejoicing and do not transmit east poor man message to the Universe… in a sunny day can learn to take advantage or your power opt-in more to the others, to direct yourselves and to support the cloudy days. The Moon in amiability compensates its overflowings. You deal with not decaying to the dusk; remember that the Sun always is… Benefit of this day without losing of view the activities in which is jeopardizes. Takes a walk awhile you can, outdoors.

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