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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Leo
July 24 - August 23

From: August 24 to August 30, 2015

LEO LOVE: Positive attitude with Capricorn, terror with Gemini, great communication with Taurus, lack of understanding with Aquarius and love, much love with Sagittarius. Tendency to meet with friends and to make social a life total, take advantage of this vital moment for encounters and celebrations. The calm settles down in life of the married ones and next to her the possibility of fortifying bonds left for a long time, could have been familiar or moved away friends, but taken care of it will not count on the support of his pair, that will do numerous reproaches to him. This desentendimiento will be because of the emotional instability and of the hard been of melancholy in which it will be immersed, which will bring about numerous conflicts in its sentimental life. Near encounter with the past, will not be surprised to think and to feel then different that. Very positive for its emotividad.

LEO HEALTH: Ignore social mandates and runs after your true dreams, with the high forehead, without losing inner Peace and in the confidence of being same you. The art of being happy is its reach, if you know to love, if it becomes the source of unconditional love each other´s towards theirs and, the happiness will enter its house that same moment in which it includes/understands that all source of happiness comes love of the, the rest arrives, always, to deserves those who it. Forget about your whims and obsessions. It tries to focus the mind about your great creativity and stops criticizing the fellow, wastes too much energy and valuable time in it. The vital health is obtained with daily happiness.
LEO WORK: It obtains a balance between the material and the spiritual. Taken care with its excessive attachment to the work, this and its relation with the money they can bring problems in the field affective. It learns to live the present, is not let take by vain fantasies. It lives to fructify and to grow. Release yourself of susceptibilities. It will have to modify its character and to discard all the conflicting situations that bring about imbalances in the labor space. Work will be tough, mostly if you try to obey requirements and desires of everybody, in this case it will practically be impossible, so try to establish priorities. Success in the original businesses, creativity to plenary session, fresh ideas and new partners.

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