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Number Nine

Numerology number Nine
The number 9 is the symbol of friendliness, patience and kindness. They have a high idealism, which together with wisdom and generosity will be used to improve his or her life and to help others.
The nine is known for its interesting ability to give answers in a fast, accurate and brilliant manner. It is difficult to win him or her in an argument or verbal play. They have great intelligence and great powers of observation. Their psychic abilities are often highly developed and they also have a great fighting spirit. Others see you as very positive, although often they take advantage of you.

They have a passionate personality, they often exaggerate and in most cases they are clumsy. They are very combative. They often provide a fair view of impersonal reality and are often even feel a great compassion and like helping others.
They can forgive the faults of others without any problems. They are able to start some projects and work with persistence to completion and if they fail, nothing happens, they start another. They are romantic and sentimental.

The positive. Intelligence, optimism, intuition, independence, impartiality, honesty, sincerity, magnetism, generosity.
The negative. Arrogance, cowardice, insecurity, exaggeration, necessity to lie, superficiality, frustration, clumsiness.
Its compatible with numbers are 9 and 1.
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