Numerology 8

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Number Eight

The number 8 is the symbol of evolution, balance, power, authority and money which is among its main objectives. You will combine your spiritual and material energies in order to gain power.
They tend to be very sensitive and they relate very well in society. In dealing with society, they tend to be very careful, cordial and sympathetic. The people with the birth number eight are a responsible, balanced and very organized. They will get the recognition and power that they want. They are very self-demanding, ambitious and very skilled to acquire their material gains. They are very versatile, good and bad, loving and indifferent, as well as capricious.

In the workplace they have the makings of a boss, his or her ability to lead and manage in a realistic and practical way makes them very appreciated. Of the great achievements of materials such as businesses, companies and profits of all kinds; you are the leader. It is the sign that is most attracted by secrets. Their friendly cheerful, good humor and knowing how to have fun plus their refined tastes makes him or her always have someone be in love with them.

The positive. Intelligence, sensitivity, emotional, sympathy, friendliness, sense of humor, irony, spontaneous.
The negative. Hypocrisy, self-pity, lack of initiative, indecision, indiscretion, infidelity, jealousy.
Its compatible with numbers 4 and 9.

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