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Number Seven

Numerology number Seven
The number 7 is the symbol of thought, spirituality, consciousness, analysis and wisdom. The ones whose birth number is 7 understand and comprehend everything.
It is mysterious and lonely, looking for answers for just about everything, likes investigation, analysis, reflection and solving puzzles, and also brings you a peace of mind. It has a protective personality and does not tolerate the weak. They have an excellent sense of adaptation full of kind emotions. In many cases you need to be calm and for that you will seek solitude. Good companion, faithful and very responsible.

The number seven projects your life in a sphere of idealism and intellectual activity. At work you will be fully committed to task and make it with a resistance difficult to overcome. They have the ability to work and often use it generously.
Its large interior life sometimes is a bit puzzling to others. It has religious and metaphysical inclinations, and is also intuitive; we can say that he or she would connect well with the great mysteries of life.

The positive. Humble, nobility, idealism, strength, courage, kindness, sincerity, affection, imagination, sensibility.
The negative. Stubbornness, monotony, laziness, lack of initiative, conformity, predictability, little ambition, pettiness.
Its compatible with. numbers are 3 and 8.
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