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Number Six

Numerology number Six
The number 6 is the symbol of love, responsibility and understanding, but also intrusive and jealous people. It is a number associated with honesty and fidelity in general. These personalities show themselves as people who are quiet and serene.
The number six likes anything that is beautiful and harmonious, has a great sense of balance of love and understanding. They are people whom you can trust, they are serious, formal and with a sense of honesty, they are also kind to others. They have a logical mind that allows them to easily solve problems, and their sense of justice is always looking for balance and common sense. Although they are usually are too stubborn, intrusive and self-centered.

Being picky and organized can carry them to develop jobs they are ordered to be in charge of and nothing will be out of place. They do not give much importance to money and power; they can achieve a high position at work because of their perseverance and thoroughness. They are affectionate, they love the home and family, one to which they will be understanding and will make it a priority to provide their well-being and happiness.

The positive. Solidarity, trust, ingenuity, loyalty, thoroughness, hygiene, wisdom, understanding, loyalty.
The negative. Instability, confusion, lack of scruples, extremism, fatalism, weakness, distraction, lack of precision.
Its compatible with numbers are 4 and 8.
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