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Number Five

Numerology number Five
The number 5 represents freedom, a need for expansion, changes and curiosity, a sign of action and restlessness. For the five, living is like a passionate adventure, everything around him has to be observed and analyzed.
The number five people are often arrogant, because they really feel a high regard for themselves. They have a great intuition and do not like commitments; they also tend to be shy. Expansive and sociable, curious and explorer, it is the number of fortune, magic, adventure; they are attracted to the unknown, the strange and mysterious. They have a great ability to communicate but they are not usually fun and much less friendly, but they do love having someone to listen to them.

Their temperament is tense and they often make hasty decisions, they are impatient. Their flaws are; insincerity, irresponsibility and selfishness. It attracts the opposite sex, their affection is usually very superficial; they may believe that they love with much energy but never really fully give themselves completely, even believing that they are very much in love but will not hesitate to leave the one they love.

The positive. Responsibility, curiosity, intelligence, imagination, analytical skills, patience, independence.
The negative Arrogance, lack of scruples, infidelity, selfishness, revenge, resentful, intolerance, anger, boredom.
It is compatible with numbers 6 and 8.
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