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Number Four

Numerology number Four
The number 4 is the symbol of tenacity and prudence. It is governed by practical reasoning has a willingness to work and is meticulous and organized.

Four is the hard worker, stability, the one who is rational and is a great lover of respect for the law, order and justice in general. The irony, good sense of humor, always very optimistic and strong personality that attracts attention, usually some of the most positive aspects of his personality, tend to be that they are very communicative and have a special ability to sense the mood of others .

It will be the perfect engine for any company, he or she is a winner and when engaged in a project put into operation they put forth their full working ability. He has great attention to detail, able to achieve significant accomplishments and a genius for organization. He or she may be prone to great and terrible scenic discussions.

The positive. Responsibility, loyalty, sincerity, honesty, tenacity, idealism, pride, optimism, intelligence, courage.

The negative. Arrogance, clumsiness, speculation, dissatisfaction, stubbornness, resentment, guilt, remorse.

It is compatible with the numbers 4 and 9.
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