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Number Three

Numerology number Three
The number 3 is the sign of artistic expression, symbolizes the joy of life and communication, radiates enthusiasm and is very extroverted. It has a lot of creativity to achieve their goals.
Transmits a great attraction to others and likes pleasure and all that is comfortable, is very sociable and creative; also appreciates art and beauty. They are people with a sense of humor, and able to identify and generate good ideas. Symbol of communication, interaction and neutrality. They are quite stubborn when it comes to their intentions. They are understanding when facing difficult situations and they love taking care of their image.

The labor field, they have great imagination, they are very versatile and can excel in many areas, with their creativity they could excel in the art world, but can also excel in many areas. They are very anxious, worried, they always plenty to do, they also very dynamic and energetic. In general, this personality lacks prejudices, so they are very easy to get along with, friendly and progressive.

The positive. Sense of humor, self-improvement, dynamism, seductive, cordiality, friendliness, creativity, talent, good taste.
The negative Irresponsibility, fickleness, swagger, materialism, frivolous, insensitivity, vanity.
It is compatible with the numbers 6 and 8.
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