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Number Two

Numerology number Two
The numbero 2 is the symbol of a pair, cannot stand the loneliness, it is the couple and society. Is hospitable and friendly; it is satisfying to him or her to use kindness to flatter those who visit their home. They enjoy the home life.

A diplomat and a dreamer, always attentive to others and is willing to cooperate. Sign of empathy, cooperation, consideration and super sensitivity to the needs of others. Symbol of balance, unity and responsiveness. He is sincere, modest, spiritually influenced and a good diplomat. Even as they are people in need of company they tend to be shy and show themselves as being afraid and may even seem to be cowards.

At work they are patient and very good co-workers, they have good ideas to work with in teams and are not ones to take the initiative themselves or hog the spotlight. They tend to want to have many children and if they find the right partner they can enjoy and make others enjoy a great story of romantic love for many years.

The positive. Generosity, serenity, sociability, cordiality, kindness, affection, loyalty, romance and enthusiasm.
The negative. Jealousy, envy, cowardice, conformity, hypochondria, monotony, weak character, shy.
It is compatible with the numbers 6 and 8.
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