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Number One

Numerology number One
The number 1 is the symbol of unity, is the starting point is the beginning, the beginning of everything, the initiative momentum; personality of leadership, creativity, independence, originality, sense of self and self-sufficiency.
Impulsive and stubborn, likes to organize everything, has the makings of a leader and makes their own decisions.
Can be hyperactive, selfish and not allow anything to be imposed, he likes to do and undo everything his way. Relies heavily on intuition and common sense, has a great capacity for adaptation, it is totally realistic and has a great sense of survival.
It has a competitive personality, gives much importance to money and power, has little need to succeed and take risks to achieve their goals. They can be brilliant at the workplace.
They are loving, kind, caring and very sensual people, even though usually it takes some effort for them to express their feelings. In some cases the home does not tend to attract them too much but they try to enjoy their partner and especially their children.

The positive. Force, realism, ingenuity, desire for improvement, ambition, determination, intelligence, intuition, love of family.
The negative. Pessimism, selfishness, stingy, individualism, melancholy, fear of failure, stubbornness, unscrupulous and materialism.
It is compatible with the number 2 and 5.
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