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History of Witchcraft

History of Witchcraft Many stories can be told about the great fear that the word, witchcraft, caused and anything to do with the topic.

Unfortunately, the term has been used in a negative way, leading to hidden and secret practices for being considered pagan, which was in fact, not being considered within the mainstream Christianity at the time.

We will discuss more about the history of witchcraft, to eliminate any myths.

The word witch in English means, to twist or bend and has its origin in an ancient Anglo-Saxon word, Wicca which is derived from, Wicce, meaning, wise. The word, witch, is also associated with a German Word, Weihen, which means, to consecrate or bless. Also, in ancient times the earth goddess was worshiped as the creator of life and wisdom. This concept can also be found in the new era philosophies which are dedicated to the earth or Gaia, as a living being.

Before the fourteenth century, the term witchcraft was related to both practices and beliefs as a set, outbursts of magical chants, healing using ointments, drinks, made of concoctions and usage of potions and predictions of the future along with clairvoyance. It is clear that, as time passed by and with the formation of the new religions, witchcraft started to be considered a religion closest to diabolic worshipping than anything else.

Once the American continent was discovered, the native people of the land were famous for their cults and worshipping with chants and fire. The settlers thought they were pagan cults using witchcraft. Many say that those cults helped in a way, to preserve certain cultural ways and some of their religious beliefs. Sometimes, the settlers fear was so great that certain of the natives sacred places were respected.

In 1692, began the most infamous witch hunt in North America and it is the one that happened in Salem, Massachusetts, where it began when 3 young fans of the occult started investigating, however their games began to get out of hand. It all started with their strange behavior and loud noises made with their voices. With this supposedly evidence, there was no time wasted in starting the witch hunt that ended with more than 50 people hung or burned and massive trials for people where collective paranoia ran the streets.

From prosecutions, witch hunts and other accusations, witchcraft went from simple ancestral practices to being seen as a diabolic act.
Today, ancient pagan practices are resurfacing and they provide ultra-sensory knowledge to help us discover our true essence and to remove the old myths.


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