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The Wheel of Fortune Card

tarot card The Wheel of Fortune The Wheel of Fortune is astrologically related to Scorpio. This card represents the turns that life and destiny give and that each person has a lot to do in their own road of life, but life is also subject to the designs of fortune.

So although sometimes things happen that appear to be accidental, these accidents of fate, are also part of the web of life. It could also indicate the unexpected turns of fate and the redundant life cycles.

In matters of love, it signifies that love life is always changing, very lively and it stays in a kind of emotional storm.

Definitely, the meaning of the wheel of fortune card; are situations or things that happen unexpectedly, good health, fortune, good opportunities that you should not pass up and positive change.

If this card appears inverted, it means the end of a positive phase and that could bring unexpected problems; low risk adventure and failed games.

If this card appears beside the moon card, it indicates a much desired trip; if it comes out next to the Empress, it indicates that there is a woman who could be responsible for our destiny.

The key words of this card are: destination, luck, positive changes, movement and new periods of time.


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