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The tower Card

tarot card The tower The Tower is astrologically related to the planet Mars. This is a card that the querent will not like very much if they do not like changes and become uncomfortable by them because the card represents a rapid and sometimes even dramatic change in luck and future events.

Even when the changes are gradual or occur unexpectedly, the tower is where they originate.

There is no positive side to this card, neither upright nor inverted.

Also, in love matters, it represents breakups, but leaves some hope that they can still fulfill the dreams that both desired.

It may represent crisis, collapse of factors that were apparently very safe, despair, loss of material things or emotional, sudden changes.

If this card is inverted, it could indicate inevitable disasters, losses, failures that lead to punishment and confusion.

When the tower card appears next to the hanged man, it could mean the ruin, if it comes up next to the devil card, it indicates misfortune and if it appears next to the sun, it means healing after an illness.

The words that identify the tower card are: destruction, the end of something, disease, cataclysm.


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