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The star Card

tarot card The star The Star is related to the Gemini astrology. It is one of the letters that are received with a welcome and more so at times when you are overwhelmed by the pain and loss.

This card is opposite to the devil card because it drives away the illusions and faith of the future, while the star card gives the desire to find inner peace; it reminds the person consulting the Tarot that in their heart, there should be no room for the debts, bearing in mind that this card inspires, but does not provide definitive solutions, but leaves them in the hands of the person requesting the consultation.

In matters of love, it indicates hope based on realities.

If the card appears in the upright position, it means hope; projects that are very clear about the purpose, optimism, beauty, kindness, very favorable future and sensitivity.

If, however, this card is inverted, it indicates bad luck, frustration and imbalance.

When the star card appears next to the moon card, it will indicate advanced artistic skills and clairvoyance. If it comes out beside the wheel card, it will mean good luck and if it appears next to the priestess, it reveals the power of clairvoyance.

The key words of the card are: soon to be fulfilled dreams, beauty, hope and harmony. For many it is a very positive letter, either right side up or inverted.


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