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The moon Card

tarot card The moon The Moon in astrology is associated with cancer. The moon represents the light amidst the darkness and the shadow; it is not a cause for fear, only for respect.

When this card appears in a reading to a person who is consulting the tarot, it signifies guidance to the unknown, so that things that they have not experienced can become part of their daily life, also such person's fears, even though while simultaneously indicating illusions, should not to lose their way after following false illusions.

In many cases it could mean that the person is lost and cannot find a reliable way.

In sentimental matters, it may indicate double intentions, gossip and enemies from a love relationship.

If the card is upright, it represents very difficult circumstances, lies, delusions, plot, disappointment, conspiracy. In matters of health, it indicates nerves pain.

If it appears inverted, it symbolizes a lack of energy, fear, lies, false friendships, trickery and general confusion.

If the moon card comes out next to the fool card, it indicates madness and if it comes out beside the chariot, it indicates that the querent will undertake a risky journey. For many people, it is not a good in any of its positions.

Words related to this card are: imagination, intuition and great magnetism.


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