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The High Priest Card

tarot card The High Priest The High Priest is astrologically related with Virgo. It symbolizes Instruction in trades of a culture and someone who is easily translates teachings that are not available to all and which are hidden.

The aim of the high priest is to bring initiates into the church with a goal of taking anticipated roles.

It symbolizes a man of great knowledge, understanding and diplomacy. It could also represent the union of marriage; not only does the high priest represent the church, but also groups, schools, teams or companies.

It also symbolizes the need to adopt rules and that the person requesting the card reading is struggling cautious strength.

In matters of love, the card indicates adaptation to couple and difficulties by third parties who want to interfere in the relationship.

If the card is positioned upright, this indicates situations that should be analyzed deeply and with a sense of duty; calm, forgiveness and solutions to problems of marriage.

On the contrary, if the card appears inverted, this will be indicating stiffness, restlessness, and represents a person who gives advice without practicality.

When this card comes up beside the judgement card, it will be indicating rejuvenation and if it comes up next to the hermit card, it indicates desired isolation.

The key words of this card are: demonstration, costume, instruction and perseverance.


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