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The fool Card

tarot card The fool The Fool is astrologically related to the planet Pluto. It represents a being whose behavior cannot be predicted, he or she is very happy, innocent, and that gives more of a surprise.

This card represents the potential that we can develop unexpectedly and spontaneity that we can have.

This indicates the idea that it is worth it to have trust in others and that life can be very prosperous and friendly.

Similarly, it may indicate the origin of a new beginning and it also indicates that it is more important to follow the mandates of the heart than the brain, but also embodies a great and daring person, but unfortunately he or she does not take advantage of their potential, making them an unattended and insecure person.

If the card is upright, it means madness, grotesque acts, triviality, indiscipline and prejudice.

If otherwise the card appears inverted, inability to reason rationally, detachment from material things, lack of analysis and thought.

When the Fool card makes an appearance next to the tower or death card, it means that you have thoughts of suicide and if it appears after the hanged man, it indicates a very stubborn person.

The words that define this card are: start, end, innocence, inquisitive, instinct and new points of view differing from those of your partner.


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